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  1. Just happy to see it on the MetO website, I have not so fond memories of walking home from central London after a similar event in 2003 so will be leaving early regardless. Anything is a bonus.
  2. Cold in the Chilterns, down to -9 I understand last night, still -4.5 in NW London this morning, and a frost on cars at 8pm last night..
  3. Good to see the thread back again for the imminent season.. Here's to lots of ice and snow! Whoop whoop! Am very optimistic especially seeing that the Arctic sea ice and Northern Hemisphere snow seems above average. Awaiting the cool down at the end of the week :-)
  4. To fill the gap until someone more knowledgeable pops along, I am not an icelandic speaker, but dug around a bit more, and may have the following translations, and a guess as to what these mean: 1. Haf = Sea, Is = Ice, Jadar = Icelandic Place ==> So may refer to actual known Sea Ice for Jadar region 2. Aaetladur = Approximate ==> So may refer to approximate extent of Jadar Sea Ice 3. Hitaskil = Warm Front ==> So may refer to warm water currents?
  5. Booooo!

    Ha made ya jump.

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