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  1. So your in hope that we will see retrogression next week, like the gfs is showing let's hope its right.as the ECM goes with southeasterly winds vearing southerly! Horrible
  2. Hi Steve I was referring to the uppers that are being showed for next week.+2/4 uppers on display would it still be cold?
  3. Not being bleak about things,of course it could turn out to be a very cold spell but I always remain cautious here in the UK because its so difficult to maintain cold conditions for a long period of time.
  4. No he has a got a point,this cold will lead to nothing special.its looking like a cold snap rather then spell,people saying next week will be cold with higher 850's but it wont be that cold,probably 5/6c nothing special is it! It seems people are to bias on here when there's signs of cold coming,always trying to ramp it up.its almost like we lie to ourselfs in suggesting that it will be a lot colder then what is showing.
  5. Well if u look at the latest ecm,you will understand the negativity. The problem is with the cold coming up its always very marginal setup's. And sad to say it I think our luck will be out again! Its frustrating I hope I'm wrong of course
  6. I kind of agree with him, ii have bad feeling about this the uppers are not cold over next weekend. Would it still be cold at the surface?
  7. Well I do hope you are right,but should remain cautious its only one run 06z which was great. Having said that I do believe we will see cold weather starting Wednesday and probably lasting until Monday or Tuesday the following week at least! During this period we likely to see temps range from about 3-6c and and as low as -3 overnight. That's just my opinion looking at the models. I really hope we can repeat it on the 12z
  8. Ok thanks,how long would u say this cold spell will last? If starting from Wednesday,it looks cold throughout next weekend to me.and it could get even colder during the following week,that's my view on it
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