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  1. August to December 2007 was a dry spell but it just seemed incredibly boring and still does thinking about it now. Nothing stands out about that period; everything seemed neither here nor there. To give examples; September and October both dry and mild but not exceptionally so (although I think October may have been close to 'exceptionally dry') and both months felt 50-50 between sunny and cloudy weather. November I can remember a lot of gloomy, overcast and mild days, broken by the occasional unbroken-sunshine type of day. December had a lovely sunny and crisp second week with heavy frost on at least two mornings, but other than that I seem to recall it being exceptionally dull and very mild. On the other hand...2004. It might not be considered a classic and the summer tends to get poor reviews, but I found August rather extraordinary. Warm and humid, but the real story was the near daily occurrence of evening thunderstorms, at least in the first two thirds of the month. The evening of 24th October also saw some big Autumn thunderstorms. Late January also saw a heavy snowfall for Manchester one day during a very cold week - wouldn't surprise me if this was the second heaviest snowfall of the decade in Manchester, after late December 2000.
  2. I can remember flash flooding in the Stafford area in the evening of 24th October 1995. Flooding in the Manchester area in the afternoon of 14th June 2002.
  3. Do you think the summers of 1998, '99 and '01 get perhaps an unfair amount of bad press? All three seemed to be at worst 'average', with plenty of good spells intermixed with the lousy stuff. 1998: Seem to remember the second half of June being pleasant, July was poor but August was reasonable nationwide and very good in the south; even though it wasn't hot, it was sunnier than August 1997 which gets rave reviews. 1999: Seem to remember June was mediocre and August started hot but became thundery and very wet around mid-month and finished off similar in dullness to 2008 and 2010. But that July was a belter and arguably the best summer month between August 1995 and July 2006. 2001: There were about five hot spells I think and I know one of them was very thundery. All spaced out nicely with a couple of weeks of cooler and wetter weather in between. I think they all lasted between 2-5 days so nothing major, but not many UK summers have had this many hot spells. Are these three underrated then? Also 2000 seems to get a fairly bad press but I don't remember that being particularly bad.
  4. July 1963 was quite hot and tropical in the North West, going off an account.
  5. 1977 wasn't great either was it?
  6. Thanks. Struggling to remember much sun and heat during the 2002 World Cup. Can remember the 15th being a bit on the hot side following a washout day on the 14th. But other than that I can remember mainly a lot of cloudy weather, particularly on the days of England's first two group games, and the day of the final.
  7. For widespread thundery activity, how does 95 compare with Summers 96-99? I assumed 97 was a thundery summer because of the hot and humid August.
  8. My memory is hazy being fairly young at the time, but am I right in thinking one potential negative about the summer of 95 was a lack of thunder? Was it similar to 2007, '17 and '18 for lack of thunderstorms? It's just that 94, 96, 97 and 99 stick out more in the memory for thunder than 95 does.
  9. Surprised to see 2002 and 2016 lower than 2000, 2001, 2009 and 2015. What are the figures please for these four?
  10. I've been reading a detailed account of a canal holiday taken in the North Wales and North West/West Midlands area between the end of June and the first two weeks of July in 1963. One thing I've noticed is a rather interesting weather pan during that time; seemingly a real mix of hot, humid and sultry weather, followed by thunderstorms and torrential rain. One or two absolute wash out days, intermixed with some scorching weather. Sounds a bit like July 94 & 14 and August 97 & 04. Can anyone remember the first half of July 63, or access to any weather analysis of that time, please?
  11. I'm just trying to pinpoint the dates of two extreme weather events from the mid-90s, having vague memories of both. On both occasions I was in the Stafford/Market Drayton area. I can vaguely recall the first event being a severe rain and thunderstorm and I have a feeling it was either Sunday 6th or Monday 7th June 1993 - can anyone remember or confirm an event like this happening around this time in the Midlands? The second event is more clear in my mind, it was a flash flood one October evening in 1995 and I seem to remember it was quite a wild rainstorm and it being early in the evening. The thing I remember most was the flooding! I have a feeling it was the evening of Tuesday 24th October 1995, but can't be sure. Again can anyone confirm this please? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  12. Why is June considered so poor for this year? I thought the first week was quite warm and sunny, particularly the 1st and then from the 21st to the end of the month it was largely dry and very warm-hot. What was the south like? Was June this year much worse than 2017 or 2016? Both of those months had a hot and dry spell amongst largely wet weather.
  13. Looks a bit like the first week of July 2001, with hot and humid weather and some severe thunderstorms.
  14. So '94 and 2004 were both very thundery summers. Could 2014 be described in a similar way? There was that huge thunderstorm on the evening of 18th/19th July, but can't remember much else.
  15. What made 2000-01 so much better than the following year? There was the snowy spell between Christmas and New Year, but other than that I seem to remember mainly mild weather. Can remember a lot of sunny weather in February and a sunny and cold spell in early March.
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