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  1. I'm just trying to pinpoint the dates of two extreme weather events from the mid-90s, having vague memories of both. On both occasions I was in the Stafford/Market Drayton area. I can vaguely recall the first event being a severe rain and thunderstorm and I have a feeling it was either Sunday 6th or Monday 7th June 1993 - can anyone remember or confirm an event like this happening around this time in the Midlands? The second event is more clear in my mind, it was a flash flood one October evening in 1995 and I seem to remember it was quite a wild rainstorm and it being early in the evening. The thing I remember most was the flooding! I have a feeling it was the evening of Tuesday 24th October 1995, but can't be sure. Again can anyone confirm this please? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Why is June considered so poor for this year? I thought the first week was quite warm and sunny, particularly the 1st and then from the 21st to the end of the month it was largely dry and very warm-hot. What was the south like? Was June this year much worse than 2017 or 2016? Both of those months had a hot and dry spell amongst largely wet weather.
  3. Looks a bit like the first week of July 2001, with hot and humid weather and some severe thunderstorms.
  4. So '94 and 2004 were both very thundery summers. Could 2014 be described in a similar way? There was that huge thunderstorm on the evening of 18th/19th July, but can't remember much else.
  5. What made 2000-01 so much better than the following year? There was the snowy spell between Christmas and New Year, but other than that I seem to remember mainly mild weather. Can remember a lot of sunny weather in February and a sunny and cold spell in early March.
  6. How would you assess last summer? Since the summer we've just had, I've heard some people refer to last year as shocking and other similar words, but was it that bad? I suppose last year will suffer since it wasn't on the level of this year and I guess a similar thing happened with 1994, 1996 and 2005, which were all decent summers in their own right. Without checking the statistics, from memory June was mixed with some extremities; a very wet first 10 days and a VERY hot and dry third week, followed by a fairly disappointing end of the month. The first three weeks of July were also mixed, but not quite as extreme as June; a modest warm spell from about 5th-9th and a slightly more intense heatwave from about 16th-19th which also included thunderstorms. The remainder of the month was quite disappointing and from what I remember this continued throughout August, albeit with a brief good spell around the bank holiday. September was even worse and close to being a washout from memory. How do you remember last year? As I've reviewed above, it certainly wasn't anything special here in the North West, but neither was it the damp squib that some people have recently described it as. That said, I thought the best spell of weather last year was from about the middle of March to the end of May, give or take a few blips around mid-late April (there was a mini winter blast around the 24th-25th April!).
  7. There was exceptional rainfall (showers) which lead to some flash flooding in Manchester on the afternoon of Friday 14th June (think there was thunder too). Also I remember we went to Southport on a Friday in either late July or August and the thing that stands out is how shockingly bad the weather was - persistent rain all day. Does anyone having a likely date for this? On the other hand there was a heatwave in late July, which brought a higher maximum than anything from 2001. I remember some glorious sunny days in the September and October, a handful just by memory. Seem to remember the Easter having a settled spell of weather too; possibly the last time to date that we've had settled weather over an early Easter (31st March)?
  8. To cast a brighter light on this month, I can remember a very decent spell of weather from the 11th-15th. The 14th-15th especially were both beautiful warm days in the West Midlands and North West.
  9. I think 2002 was warmer than 2001 but was also wetter and cloudier. It was poor in the North West, especially July from what I recall. There was also an absolute deluge in Manchester on a Friday afternoon in the middle of June. August was notably warm in the South East from what I've read though. 2017 - the latter half of the summer was a big let down after a good first half (3rd week of June especially). It's worth mentioning too how poor the September was, as September has often brought pleasant weather in recent years, even after a drab July/August.
  10. Would 2001 be a fair comparison with 2009 in terms of the summer?
  11. Most of the days of this summer had plenty of sunshine involved (at least June and most of July) which was good. Plenty of rain too but at least there were some thunderstorms. From memory, there were a handful of shocking spells though - 16-17th July was persistent rain in the NW and I think 26-29th was similar. In fact thinking about it the period from 26th July through to about the 13th August was rather dull from what I remember, albeit with occasional sunny and warm days such as the 8th-9th. The final (BH) weekend of August was also very dull and wet IIRC. The middle couple of weeks of September were warm and sunny.
  12. It was pretty terrible in Manchester, but I vaguely remember the final week from around the 24th being relatively decent, nothing special mind. How does it compare to 97 and 07?
  13. I know as a whole the summer has been warmer and drier than last year, but in terms of heatwaves, have we even matched that amazing 5 day spell of weather from last June? The records say 5 days of 30c and above, the hottest June temperature since 95 and it just felt a little more intense than the heatwaves we've had so far this summer.
  14. The heatwave in early June 2016 seems to be overlooked a lot now, perhaps because of the heavy rain that followed. But it was mainly dry, sunny and at times very warm from about the 2nd-9th. We had evening thundery breakdowns on the 4th, 7th and 8th I think.
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