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  1. February 1998

    Funnily enough the February of 10 years ago sticks out for bringing a spell of (good) Spring-like weather as well. It was a cold and snowy start but I think by approx the 4th/5th it had turned mild and in the second week I remember thinking the weather was something more akin to a pleasant spell in May; around the 10th/11th it was particularly warm and glorious. Seem to recall the second half of the month kept to a similar note.
  2. 2011 - an uneventful year

    The April was obviously a standout for glorious weather, but was it as good or hot as April 2007? I seem to remember the April being pretty decent every year between '06 and '11 (barring the brief snowy cold spell in 2008), until of course the 2012 washout.
  3. 2011 - an uneventful year

    Ah you've reminded me now of the February gale, only in Manchester I think it happened on the 7th; not quite in the league of Doris in terms of destruction though. I remember the brief stormy spell in April too; around here it was Good Friday evening and the heavy rain just seemed to come without much notice or warning, following a number of very warm and dry days; it hadn't been humid. Here in Manchester, May Bank Holiday was warm and sunny for a change, the Spring BH was cool and unsettled and the August BH was an afternoon washout bookended by a bright morning and evening. I seem to remember the December not being particularly mild, like it was last year or the year before for instance, but still not as cool as 2012 or 2014. Scratching the surface of the late Autumn period of November and early December, it was dull in the main but I seem to remember we had a run of warm and sunny Sundays which broke up the grey blanket which covered most of the weekdays.
  4. 2011 - an uneventful year

    I've been thinking back over the last few years and is it fair to say that 2011 was one of the most uneventful or uninteresting as far as the weather goes? Every year has its moments and this year isn't an exception; the big thing from what I remember was the glorious final week of September which culminated in the record warmth on October 1st. There was also the warm, dry April (the second half being fantastic) and a very brief and not particularly intense heatwave towards the end of June. Were there any other notable events this year? I'm struggling to remember much snow or cold weather at either end of the year, no notable storms IIRC. It also seemed a poor summer; not much in the way of heat, storms or sun but no extreme rain either like in 2007 or 2012. Mediocre sums up the summer and the whole year itself from what I can remember.
  5. February 2005 - return of the easterly!

    Thanks for the info. I might be remembering the Saturday in early Winter 04/05 as colder than it actually was. But I'm pretty sure it was either in the last two weeks of November or the first couple of December. It just seemed notable for being very cold and windy and cloudy but without any snow.
  6. February 2005 - return of the easterly!

    A couple of questions relating to this era... Firstly whilst I remember 2004-05 as being generally mild, I can recall a very cold Saturday in the North West fairly early on in the winter (definitely before Christmas). The winds were northerly I seem to remember, but I don't think we had any snow. Anyone remember this and have a date? Going back a year, does anyone remember the cold/snowy spell in January 2004? Here in Manchester we actually got hit fairly hard on the snow front and not just on the 'Pennine side' of town, which makes a change - some schools were closed. Does anyone remember this and again a date please? Also was this Jan '04 cold snap from the north or from the east? I do remember it getting quite a lot of media attention in the run up, perhaps because winter 03/04 hadn't been particularly cold or snowy up to that point.
  7. Summer 2017 Discussion

    I'm surprised to see how much sunshine August '99 had! I thought this month was a bit of a shocker for sunshine, yet it's around the same as last year and 2013 and ahead of the highly thought-of August '97.
  8. Summer 2017 Discussion

    It's easy to think that but if you take the previous 22 years it's very mixed as a whole; '95, '97, '98, '03, '07, 2012 and last year clearly had better weather in August than in the early part of summer. You could also make a case for '96, '02 '05 and '09. Only '99 '04, '06, '08, 2010, 2013 and '14, before this year, seem to have had a clearly inferior August.
  9. What was the CET of both June '95 and June 2010? Both years had a warm second half of June and of course both had a very cold late December.
  10. August 1998 and August 2007

    Reading through the July '99 thread and how it often isn't well remembered, it made me think of other summer months which seem to have an unfair tag on them. I've chosen two which stick out a bit; August '98 and August '07. I have very fading memories of '98 now but the met office summary for the month paints a positive picture of lots of sunshine, albeit rather on the cold side. Does anyone remember August '98 in more detail? It's a similar theme for August '07 in the met office summary; above average sunshine; below average rainfall; but again on the cool side. I can remember this month in more detail, can recall plenty of sunny days and a short, modest hot spell at the beginning of the month. It seems these two months are a little underrated, perhaps because the June and July of both years were both so bad, or perhaps because they weren't hot. Are there any other summer months within the last 25 years which are perhaps underrated, even if they weren't spectacular? July and August 2000 perhaps?
  11. Summer 2017 Discussion

    If simply based on 10 year trends then it doesn't bode well! 1988, '98 and '08 were all rather poor summers! August 2004 was quite astonishing really, in the North West there was a spell when a thunderstorm was almost a nightly occurrence! It seemed to last for most of the month from what I remember, along with a lot of rain.
  12. Summer 2017 Discussion

    I wouldn't go that far in terms of the North West. Last August was decent here, again with one short hot spell around 23rd-24. The rest of the month was a mixture of fairly warm and sunny days here and there, interspersed with a fair number of dull days (the first week and then the run up to the Bank Holiday weekend were good example of this) and a couple of absolute stinkers (19th-20th). I'd rank it with 2013 for recent years. As I say I also remember 2007 and 2009 both having a reasonable August.
  13. Summer 2017 Discussion

    Last year was fairly decent to be fair...2007, 2009 and 2013 were ok too I guess.
  14. Summer 2017 Discussion

    In the North West I'd say we've had a slightly better July than we had last year, with a bit more improvement on 2015. But it isn't hard considering both July 2015 and July 2016 were rather poor months (each with an intense but short hot spell). Compared to last year I'd say the only noticeable July improvement is the sunshine total, but this still feels less than the sunshine we had in May and June. A good way off 2006, '13 and '14 but better than 2007-09 and 2011, '12 and '15. I'd rank this as similar to 2010 and last year, albeit slightly better. There were comparisons with 1995 towards the end of June, I guess one similarity is a lack of thunder!
  15. Summer 2017 Discussion

    Go back another 10 years to '95 and I guess that June wasn't too dissimilar either. A fairly cool and dull first half before the clouds broke at around the 20th/21st and the summer didn't look back.