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  1. That absolutely does thank you. Thank you Bluearmy also. So basically, the greater the strength in the vortex the more cold is pulled up and locked up in the vortex. The weaker the vortex the cold air mass flows down more over the Northern Hemisphere depending on various different scenarios. I assume also that temperature variations in the vortex can then affect the speed of the vortex. Hence the reason an SSW is keenly looked for. I live in Shetland and we are currently experiencing what you describe.
  2. Hi Carinthian. This has interested me. Sorry for the limited knowledge, but what does this mean in real terms?
  3. More flip flops in the models over the last few days, than a scene in benidorm.
  4. That was interesting. The wind was crazy about 4:00. The power went off, something happened our power line, but we are up and running. Great work by our technicians, I don't fancy being out in this. Wind still blowing a fair bit. It feels much colder, not sure on temperature. Last shower was of sleet.
  5. Quite a bit of wind now in Shetland (and that's just me) blowing hard probably around the 70-80mph mark. Just rain at the moment. Not sure on Temperature, but it does feel colder than the 6' previously, possibly the wind chill.
  6. Still no real wind in Shetland yet. Strange droaning sound outside, so might just be around the corner. Temperature is at about 6' just had a shower that was almost hail. its slowly progressing.
  7. I've often wondered what its like having Radar. Generally I keep a close eye on the visual Satellite, quite a bit can be gauged from that. Cloud cover and its mass can reveal potential precipitation, but in this kind of situation, the precipitation type is impossible.
  8. Yo Hairy Celt There is no Radar coverage over Shetland, so its a bit of a guessing game.
  9. The wind has dropped away to nothing in Shetland, its quite surreal. I'm guessing we are going through the centre. Change of direction next, then the wind increase.
  10. Nothing to phone home about just yet in Shetland. Bit of a breeze, temperature around 6' Don't think it will be long before we see things changing. There seems to be a large area of cloud heading our way this afternoon. Anybody know if this will be rain or snow?
  11. Does anybody know if this Christmas period model output matches that of 1995. We have been having similar weather behaviour up here in Shetland. The Christmas period of 1995 brought some serious snow for us, 30 feet deep in places.
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