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  1. Looks like a benign end to UKWinter after all, hopefully with early Spring. Concern about water levels. Some resovoirs runn at 33%. 2018 drought Year !
  2. New York wind chill - 30 with dusting of snow, 2 inches.
  3. Currently 14c here, must one of the warmest days on record for December. Could be worse, its 64 degrees colder in North America.
  4. Last night at 10 c was warmer than some nights in July this Year. Central heating off in prep for BBQ Xmas and NewYear.
  5. Winters over 2017-2018 in Hampshire, looking forward to early heatwave 2018
  6. Quote ' if we could only move this bit of high pressure over there and move that low pressure over here'.….. Why do people do that . The weather is going to happen whatever you say !.
  7. Well it is the moaning forum . And im moaning because it is pants
  8. I was thinking of using the Ouija board to see if it will snow !
  9. Looks like snow going America's and Europe's way after all, whilst UK same old pork chops.
  10. Model Output Discussion 29th December - Into mid-Winter.

    No we need a washout this summer not dry, otherwise we face standpipes like the UK had in 1976.
  11. I am geting the feeling that I can write the 2017 winter obituary for the UK. Time to sharpen the pencil
  12. Some mountains in Italy have had 16 feet of snow according to the BBC news. Sadly many people have died in an avalanche
  13. And a friend who lives in Murcia, Spain said that the snow is blizzard like. Apparently coldest winter for 35 Years and forecast to continue. Shame we are not 2000 miles nearer to the med. I said last Week that Spain would get a dumping.
  14. Agreed, one of the most boring winters ever. The analogy can be compared to waking up with a wet lettuce in your face,