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  1. I was in Belfast last January. Snow closed airport. I thought this might be tail end of winter. Two Months later, the beast hit the South coast
  2. Interesting, when snow and deep freeze is predicted in America or Europe, even more than 10 days out , they get snow and ice days. With us we g et double figure temperatures, Now forecast in my area from the Weekend.
  3. Light covering in Fareham Hampshire. Radar indicates coast clearing. No further bands coming from france
  4. I'm looking at the French radar and to my untrained eye, the snow storm is shunting well to the east over France. Is this possible ?
  5. Just seen the update. As I expected, forecast is blizzards west of new forest for Thursday. Friday uncertain, but rest assured, you and I will get the rain dump at the weekend.
  6. I call it the pizza slice zone. Also happens with thunderstorms. I think it might be the Solent microclimate, which to be fair did deliver 1 inch of snow on coast which was not forecast, about A Month ago.
  7. The band of rain looks lighter compared to yesteday. Heavy over west country. It might change..
  8. Yep, looks like Dorset Westwards like 1978 1981. Snow. Dump in France. Hampshire in a pizza slice of no snow. Snow everywhere else
  9. Just saw BBC forecast for Thursday. The band of rain/snow seems to be shunting westwards from France.Much of Sussex seems to escape now. I wonder if this westward trend will continue ?
  10. wantt to see snow. It was snowing in Rome. Now snowing in Eygypt, Africa...hahhaha
  11. Similar setup to 1978. I was a child then. I recall rain on coast. Snow one mile inland. We have had snow this year on the coast/beach. 1 inch and was unexpected. I think it is the Solent microclimate. On the occasions we have had snow, most was iunexpected and when it was forecast, it often rained.
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