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  1. And looking at the grass it now looks like what laying snow I had is now thawing....
  2. Although my lamp post is in close proximity, and has great visibility, I still went and stuck my arms out the front door defo no snow here, not even of the minute kind, yet showing on the radar?
  3. Well it' snowing here In Romney Marsh, 2/10 blizzard conditions lots of little styrene type balls. Not showing on metoradar though? According to that looks like alot of precip for about 9-10ish coming up from france?? Anyone know what its looking like for us today here along the SE coast?
  4. Well after years of no snow I've had a really lovely snow day, sledging, snowball fights and snowman building with the kids as school was shut, best thing of all, my nearly 7 year old got to experience proper snow. My desperation for the white stuff has finally been sated. Here's to hoping that those less fortunate get to experience some decent snow at some point this week
  5. I am EXTREMLY happy to report we have laying snow here in Romney Marsh, about 2 inches, kids school shut, and the snow day is commencing! Yippppeeeee. 3 very happy kids, 4 if you include me!
  6. Gutting isn't I., That snow free corridor area has been like that all bloody day long, although it looks a bit wider now. thinking if the snow don't come to me, I'm gona have to travel to the snow tomorrow.
  7. god now I'm super jealous , always wanted to experience thunder snow... Been checking the radar on and off, an all day long I seem to be In this mystical snow free very narrow corridor that the snow showers skirt around to the north and the south, Its getting kind of tiring. On a more positive note, (for those moaning about people moaning ) my lamp post has decided to work again. Small mercies and all that
  8. how are these apps (I don't use them just going off ya screen shots) or what ever they are showing snow in my area (Romney Marsh) but there isn't any snow actually falling? I don't get it?
  9. Today has not been the greatest of days, and now to top it off, my lamp post has stopped working! What are the chances!
  10. Streamers to the north of me, streamer to the south... really hard not to feel kinda bitter about it tbh.
  11. Streamers to the north of me, streamer to the south... really hard not to feel kinda bitter about it tbh.
  12. I had a bad feeling that low was gona drag us a warm spot, but who knows hopefully it will work in our favour and give us a blizzad! Can wish anyway...
  13. Well Romney Marsh snow shield at full force. Nice to see the HUGE streamer going just ever so slightly south of me and straight into the channel. Trying not to let it wind me up.
  14. Literally 3 or 4 flake here and then stopped. Romney marsh snow shield in action again.
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