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  1. I had a gander in there last night , I agree winter is not done yet !
  2. Still -2 in Merthyr and very frosty , awaiting the text from the school most are closing early here . I for one needs to get to pontyclun for 7.45am tomorrow for work , somehow I can't see it happening
  3. We've had snow showers here in Merthyr , I've got a feeling we'll have proper snow within the next few weeks ! Eye down on the models
  4. Think I'd better pack a bag just in case I get stuck at work , plus I'm working next Wednesday if it's bad I'll be staying put .
  5. I know that's why I said no disrespect ! The toy throwing in there has been ridiculous over the past few weeks , they can just carry on ! Just happy there's more people posting in here
  6. Oh definitely ! Wales doesn't exist on the mad thread , I think it's hilarious personally no disrespect but it's typical of the English !
  7. Time to think about backing up the food supplies then ? Well before the stampede ?
  8. Good to see you back Andy , yes Derek has definitely upped the ante this year , about time too !
  9. It's a little hit or miss right now but it all seems to be heading in the right direction , Wales on line keep harping on about harsh winters as I said above do they know something we don't ? Hopefully we'll get some proper winter weather soon
  10. Looks like models are on board now with a much colder theme it's rather jolly in there at the moment !
  11. I was reading this earlier , do they know something we don't ? Plus another article on how many tons of grit each council throughout South Wales has for the winter ?
  12. Sun shining here at the foot of the Beacons , getting colder from this evening onwards ! I welcome crisp brighter days than the awful miserable weather of late , anyway I see the real cold digging in soon enough ! Happy New Year to you all !
  13. I don't think it's as mild as they're forecasting ? Surely winter officially starts 21st December ? Mad thread throwing in the towel already but winter hasn't started yet , I do believe something is afoot the models are toying with the idea of cold .
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