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  1. I guess we can all expect a mild winter then. Most of the time the weather turns out to be the exact opposite of what the newspapers are suggesting.
  2. A max temp of 22 Celsius, 24% humidity and wall to wall sunshine. Is it really almost October? Weather is saying otherwise.
  3. Very warm for late September. 21 Celsius and not a cloud in the sky. ☀️
  4. Rather cool for September. Feels more like late October. Only 10 celsius at nearly 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Humidity at 87% Visibility at 16km 8 oktas of cloud cover And an air pressure of 1017 mb.
  5. Alice1991

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    I voted for mostly good. June and July were great but August was around average. To come to think of it, I think August 2016 is the only particularly good August we have had since 2003.
  6. A mild 15c. Still very windy with a barometer reading of 993mb and mostly cloudy sky conditions.
  7. It's extremely rare I see this type of cloud and I would love to know what type it is. Thanks.
  8. Alice1991

    Colder than normal

    Iceland is apparently experiencing one of its worst summers in a long time.
  9. I much prefer this weather, because I hate struggling to warm up and worrying about the gas bill. Cold snowy weather looks nice, but that's about it.
  10. Sadly, a good thunderstorm during a summer heatwave is becoming quite a rarity. Around eight times out of ten, when AccuWeather or any other forecasting site predicts thunderstorms it doesn't happen and that bursts my bubble a bit, and as a result I don't hold my hopes up anymore. Nowadays you are lucky to get the one lightning strike, but in reality you usually just get a very brief shower or no weather at all. I am sure there are many other weather enthusiasts that feel this way. ⛈️
  11. Alice1991

    Autumn 2018

    Weather wise, I have a feeling that September is going to be relatively quiet whereas October will obviously be cooler and we will get our first storm of the season around the middle of the month. I think November will also be relatively quiet but with a lot of cold crisp days.
  12. I am enjoying this weather and it's a big contrast to that lingering winter we had. I think this is Mother Nature's way of apologising.
  13. I am a little worried that this April will turn out to be a repeat of 2012's April. In fact, Spring as a whole has been awful so far this year. At least the March in 2012 was a good one.
  14. Overcast, cool and damp. Current temp: 6 Celsius Barometer: 1007 mb Wind: NNE at 8mph Been feeling more like November lately rather than April.