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  1. Tamara, have spent some months trying to grasp what you say in ways that’d make sense to me. This last post was brilliant, I get it(ish)now! - about overviewing the overall interactions of operations in remote strategic departments that affect distant interacting agency elsewhere (obviously!) - not serrendipity but still highly nuanced/complex - strategy rather than just looking at the activities and the business performance in mid-term forecasts/projections of a couple/few regional departments.. will improve understanding hereafter..
  2. Being in-between Mersey and Dee estuaries/North Wales, we must be the unluckiest here - New Brighton is at mouth of Cheshire Gap - but as always on the coast it will be cold rain, whereas 6 miles inland it’s always a different story with this set-up!
  3. Do folks now truly believe another spell similar to Dec 2010 might now be on the cards? That would be absolutely incredible, not to mention fantastic. (Been following this thread (and TWO's) model analysis and GWV's too , very closely plus many others via Twitter over last 3 months -again same as every yr for last decade!). we sea swim every day of the yr and so want to swim the Mersey in a Blizzard!
  4. hi Dennis, excuse my ignorance but, how so? genuine question - and how might it impact please?
  5. Have you got a link to the page on their site please?
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