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  1. Me too nothing but 1 speck of sleet mixed in with a lot of rain
  2. Yes reading the MO 16-30 day forecasts they have only ditched the idea of the easterly today(albeit a low, very low chance), even when there was no sign of said easterly on the models that we could see...Who knows?The easterly has just reappeared on the ECM yesterday and today into the far reaches but maybe we are just playing catch up to the pros..
  3. Huge spread Dutch ens, huge spread ec ens, this time last year it was raining, warmish with no end in sight..2017 = Cold?,dry?,snowy?,icy?, who knows not even the mighty Met.. No sign of wind and rain with warm Temps first few weeks 2017.. Everyone have a nice chilled beer and see what 2017 brings HNY
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