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  1. Horrible situation, it will be pitch black when the worst of it moves through, guaranteed power cuts, tornado's will be spinning of the edges here there and everywhere. 12 news now just updated to say the prediction is tracking slightly further to the east towards Charles county. That is good news as it will impact a much smaller populated area, hopefully it maintains that track.It can't go too Far East however or New Orleans starts to come into play.....
  2. 10m wave heights near the eye, the storm surge at high tide is going to wash away a lot of the coastal areas east of Houston. 10-15ft of water inland as far as lake Charles being predicted, insane. I know 2 guys hunkering down near Beaumont. One in a small town called Starks and the other out by Sour Lake, protecting there homes from potential looters post the storm. Families have evacuated. Praying for them tonight .
  3. Had some time to mull over last nights storm. I'm in a good position to compare it to the experiences I had in Beaumont just a year ago and I'm convinced last nights storm wiped the floor with anything I experienced there. Here's why....whilst in Beaumont I was lucky(unlucky ๐Ÿค”) to experience being in the red warning zone for a Tornado and witnessed some incredible intensity of winds, hail, rain and thunder as well as explosive lightning, however, it was always short lived. Although the intensity of each parameter was probably higher in Texas, the sensations experienced faded too quickly leavi
  4. I feel like the terminator is about to turn up.....
  5. I've chased this storm over Fife in the last few hours and it is nothing short of brilliant! Sweet spot is straight through the centre of Fife from the forth. A flash a second been happening for the last hour now, absoloute quality ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Jumping in the car now, heading your way....
  7. Lightning strike directly over Kelty a few minutes ago, must have heard a good rumble from that one? watch it live on lightning maps.org. @Mr Frost top holiday destination for lightning enthusiasts - Beumont Texas ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. Hi everyone, hope you're all well! Love a bit voltage, hopefully tonight doesn't disappoint. One rumble in the distance so far.......
  9. @Kirkcaldy Weather not sure the snow in Kirkcaldy will have much chance with this thing blazing up the sky
  10. Half the days total in an hour, nice squall ?
  11. Workshop: Stratospheric predictability and impact on the troposphere (18-21 November 2019): Programme ยท ECMWF Events (Indico) EVENTS.ECMWF.INT #StratosphericWS This workshop brought together experts to discuss and propose ways forward in representing the stratosphere in current and future... A lot of presentations to get through but worth a watch, lots of learnings. Amy Butler's presentation is superb in session 1. Interesting take from the presentation is the El Nino / La Nina relationship to SSW. Pre 1981 data shows a relationship between strong EL Nino ye
  12. Sorry mardatha I shud have mentioned I'm still in Beaumont texas ?๏ธ?๏ธ?
  13. Howdy everyone ? some interesting weather here tonight, its currently 1:30 in the morning and over, workplace been evacuated due to tornado, flood and thunderstorm warnings. The last 2 hours 3 inches of rain has fell, a tornado track was spotted 5 mile south of my appartment, on occasions there have been more lightning strikes per second than you could count, its insane and I'm loving it lol 20190510_014116.mp4
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