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  1. I said the flow was westerly on the chart, you disagreed. Crewe confirmed it was westerly.......I only asked to confirm I was reading the chart correctly. Not sure what your post is relating to, I only asked as I'm not expert with the charts. So I guess I can't asked a question then or maybe disagree.
  2. Thanks Crewe, I thought it was a westerly flow @karlos1983
  3. What's the uppers in that Westerly flow off the Atlantic? The PV needs to move a lot more to favour the UK in some kind of Notherly flow.
  4. Think Geordiesnow's post about a reality check is spot on. I was challenged for referring to the reliable, but all the long range 'excitment' is nice but means nothing ubtil it comes to fruiton. It is what it is until the speculated blocking actually materialises and....in the right place for our tiny island.
  5. He has also stressed it depends where the blocks setup. Does that chart show cold and snow or just cold rain for lower ground.
  6. Not a non event then karlos 12z dropped the GH in FI?
  7. Thanks for the reply, but those charts are not in the reliable, as per my previous post. There's always potential in any chart. Cheers.
  8. Does everyone live on low ground? This is 'an event' for many. Can't see your general outbreak of cold in the reliable.
  9. Rinse and repeat of winter for me. This will keep the average or just below about right until Xmas, but nothing seriously cold just usual winter fare (on the drier side though).
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