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Highland Blizzard

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  1. Bad planning but travelling south today and this is Durham just now. Hopefully there will be plenty left back home when I get back Wednesday
  2. Renard is French and takes a dim view of wet and windy so has flounced away to bed
  3. Good covering of snow here above Lairg this morning and higher hills all white. Cold and frosty tonight
  4. On a completely different note just been out in the garden at 11.15 beautiful starry night with half concealed moon, but moving rough fully se to NW very high was a bright light think moving to quick by far for a plane just wondered if anyone spotted it. Checked space station route but not near here by all accounts . Anyone any idea what it could have been?
  5. Hi, my grandmother lived in Leadhills late 70s , the top road behind Leadhills was blocked by snow for several weeks. Wonderful spot and always plenty of snow
  6. 15.6 c here, it was 16th April last year before we got to that sort of level, should be a law against it really...
  7. Still a good depth of snow around the famous Crask Inn
  8. Heavy overnight rain and again today has washed a lot of snow away but still plenty left in the shadows with hard compacted ice still in abundance.
  9. Tootled up to Durness yesterday and after the early freezing rain had cleared there were some stunning views to be had. First couple of Ben Hope from the East then view from the Tongue to Durness and last one of the stunning beach at Durness.
  10. Well the cold continues up here in the Highlands this being our 21st continuous day of snow cover so plenty of cold air still about. Looking through the latest charts I don't think it would take much of a swing for cold to return further south too.
  11. Back home after a few days away and today is 21st day of continuous snow cover. Had to pick axe the ice off the driveway. Third pic is from A9 not sure where as was drowsy after driving all night!
  12. Spent several minutes fascinated by people here in Stockport being able to get in their cars and drive straight off unlike at home spending 10 mins clearing windscreen before starting on the inside.. Some pics from back in Rheanbreck around 4 inches this morning
  13. Several hours of heavy snow in Rheambreck this morning but annoyingly I am in much less snowy Stockport. Back home girlfriend has been ordered out with camera and tape measure...
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