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  1. I made a GIF, see for yourself, with the predicted ammount of snow in this run. It starts at +126h.
  2. https://ruc.noaa.gov/hfip/tcgenDAT/2018/ Choose date/run. Search for UKM2 (lant) and got it
  3. Snow first moving in from the southeast, then from the west, but that is miles away
  4. UKMO is not that bad. Compare these two charts. There are a few differences: 1. The date ( 24h difference) 2. CAA is more south then east. 3. The high looks more solid
  5. Much better than UKMO seems to me at +96h...
  6. @bluearmyThere were some power issues affecting ECMWF Supercomputers. The power problem is solved, but it takes time to reboot the whole system.
  7. Nice snowfall charts... Now it's your turn ( I live in Belgium, i've had 20cm on 11 december)
  8. Hi everyone I'm new here, but i've been following this forum for almost 2 years Question : I was wondering where I can find the EC clusters, as posted on the previous pages Btw lovely EC run hehe
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