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  1. Long weeks with sunny and warm weather., February run over +4 over the monthly avarage... march same way. Finally some rain, and some snow over 1300 meters for next days..
  2. sunny but very windy today here... in the weekend more rain and snow over 1000 meters in forecast, very active today the Etna in sicily now... it will melt all the snow over 2000 meters soon hehhehe https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/italia/sicilia/catania/vulcano-etna-sud.html
  3. Today the Etna vulcan in Sicily wake up..., well there are not so many opportunity for sky during a vulcano erupion... but today can see here live webcam https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/italia/sicilia/catania/vulcano-etna-sud.html
  4. Finally it's Carnival... for 3 days it'll be raining orages in North West of Italy
  5. quiet dry days here, nothing special... just report hot in sicily, with temperature close to 25°C and a snowy day in far east Alps.. Colfofosco live came https://www.skylinewebcams.com/it/webcam/italia/trentino-alto-adige/bolzano/colfosco-alta-badia.html
  6. Spring day today.. till +13 .. tomorrow same... Then winter and snow will be back here for few days again.. Some pics of sunday..
  7. Nobody hurts.. just the people loose the controle f the sliding car.. how it collapse like this.. still a mistery ehhehe, but i got some wish...
  8. Hello, a little raining day here till 900 meters..some snow over around 15 cm.. nothing special.. Keep earthquake shake the center Italy, today few shake over 4 magnitude.. good weekend all
  9. -0,7... getting cloudy.. forecast give a little snow fall in the night till tomorrow morning, but just a couple of cm. good evening all
  10. + 0,2 clear dry sky here... just report heavy rain in south.. especially in Sicilia.. and Sardegna with strong winds from south.. Good evening all
  11. looks like 12 alive for now.. very good.. n research dogs give positive signs for the missing people.. lets hope
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