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  1. Most perfect day of weather in a long time today, 29c and rich blue sky, lower humidity and a true Mediterranean feeling evening

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    2. Bottesford


      Turned nippy here - quite a breeze on so had to close up the house now with temps now below 20c (that never used to feel nippy at 11pm but after so much wamrth it does!).

    3. Scorcher


      funny as we're sheltered from easterlies here and they often produce high temps like today (29.7C) but it is often breezy

    4. conor123


      Usually get Cheshire Gap breeze here, I remember a few evenings last week it being around 19/20c here while 26c down the road in the evening's, breeze would certain be welcome though now, 29.5c in my room!!

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