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  1. Standard scorcher of a Tuesday, 27.2c max though turned hazy after 3pm.
  2. 24c again today, feels very muggy this evening shame there's been no storms here since that brief one in May.
  3. Another beautiful day stuck in a windowless factory till 4pm, thankgoodness the sun's still high enough to get an hour in after work before it drops behind the woods. No shocks it looks like immediately warming up again next week after a washout weekend
  4. 24.6c max and unbroken sunshine...of course its a Monday
  5. 0 hours of sun all weekend, 0 clouds today now its the working week!! whattttt

  6. LOL as expected, it's Monday morning and not a cloud in sight...
  7. Sods law the rate the clouds breaking in the south the clearance will arrive here in time for sunset, very poor weekend considering with a bit of sun it would been 22/23 easy with these uppers.
  8. Haha never going to happen on a weekend last weekend was actually decent here but it seems for every decent weekend the weather gods punish us with 20 grey ones.
  9. Weekend curse truely back big style, whole country bar the south coast bathed in grot today despite 'sunny spells' forecast and of course as per usual the warm spells coming in the working week to be replaced by more grot and howling winds for next weekend. I've lost count of how many sunless weekends there's been this year only to be followed by sunny Mondays!
  10. Back to business as usual here, slate grey skies, last Saturday was a fluke, sods law come Monday morning blue skies arrive.
  11. Sods law gorgeous blue skies most of the day today then finish work and in rolls the cloud in time for the weekend!!! very gusty again to.
  12. Why are these flash in the pan heatwaves always on a Monday and Tuesday! Looks like were paying for our one decent weekend of the summer now, charts showing 0% cloud Friday and Monday and slate grey skies all day Sat/Sun.
  13. Best weekend of the summer here, today started as yesterday ended with grey skies but cloud dissolved away to leave mostly blue skies from 11am onwards and felt hot in the sun despite the wind.
  14. So it ended on a grey note but best Saturday of the summer today, long spells of sunshine and max of 24c nice surprise as was expecting cloudy day!
  15. Main problem with this summer, two warm spells surrounded by 50 days of consistent sunless grot!!! lost count now of how many mornings i've woke up to gloom!