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  1. Was away Wednesday - Sunday so for the 2nd time this year i've come back off a mini break to sunless Autumn less than 5 mins of sun so far this week and dire charts..think I best get looking for another break before Autumn jeeze. This is the problem with this Summer, we might of got that incredible day last Tuesday but now we've pay for it with no high pressure till Autumn Equinox.
  2. No storms here and turning clear again now from SW so think that's it now, overnight low of 19.5c in the end, would of been higher but pleasant Cheshire Gap breeze has arrived now.
  3. Max of 32.7c in the end today, absolutely glorious and a lovely (quite strong) breeze. More cloud arriving from the SW now, here's hoping for some thunder potential tonight!
  4. Years even,10 days ago we were in the brisk of October
  5. Overnight low of 15.9c in the end, perfect blue skies this morning already up to 22.3c, possibly the warmest day in 10 years* to the exact date today!
  6. Yay managed to get tomorrow off work then off to Madrid Wednesday afternoon for more mid 30's just as breaks down here Fair bit of cloud today whilst in work but as soon as I came home it dissolved wahey, maxed out dead on 27c in the end, still 24.3c now so warmer than most of summer here.
  7. A much nicer afternoon than expected in the end after the cloudy morning, cloud gradually dissolved to the point of blue skies, a miracle on a weekend day
  8. Here's hoping I can get Tuesday off, can't see temperatures hitting anywhere near 33c though as warmest upper's don't arrive until the evening, maybe 30 though with hopefully some convective action by the evening. In the meantime it's still mostly cloudy here, wind woke me up around 3am and been gusting since from the west, wasn't expecting it.
  9. It probably will come off as it's a Tuesday, if it was a Saturday or Sunday those 30c's would end up in Berlin whilst we sat under raging westerlies Wish i'd gone down south for the weekend, unfortunately i'm 100% certain the cloud won't break up till 9pm tomorrow here.
  10. Grey grey grey grey once again and same tomorrow stuck under this ruddy weather front only to shoot up to 25c on working Monday!
  11. Definitely appealing more and more to move abroad now, 12 months of 11-16c and stratocumulus leaden skies is insufferable
  12. Literally threw in the towel on any hope of a decent weekend yesterday only to wake up to cross agreement on all models this morning on 23-25c sunshine again...get back this evening and it's completely gone again!!! this summer worst of all time
  13. Coming up to three years since the last sunny summer weekend here, as in both Saturday/Sunday decent. Three years!!!!!

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    2. Spikecollie


      Conor, when we had our caravan up in the Yorkshire Dales we got all packed up, and set off all enthusiastic on a summer Friday evening. We'd have a great all day walk on Saturday, and then most often on Sunday it would either drizzle, pour, or be so threatening as to put you off! We to called them "one day wonders"...I know what you mean. I think folks over exaggerate how good it is/has been.

    3. Daniel*


      sounds like a lie to me 

    4. conor123


      I'm not talking about 'sunny spells' I mean as in clear, blue skies with zero cloud, only one this year (Mon 6th June), last year (Tue 30th June), 2014 had several haze aside but none on weekends, same with 2013.

  14. Just like those winter cold spells the charts keep showing warm spells only to take them away and move them back again and again, aka this weekend looked gorgeous on the charts this morning and now all three show grotty muck with any warmth delayed to the 'working week', not had a nice summer weekend aka sunny both saturday and sunday since 2013!
  15. This weekend's warmup completely vanished, what a surprise not, time to get the sunlamp and Vitamin D tablets back out

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    2. lassie23


      I have had rain forecast for 6 days in a row and got none:D BBC are still going for a warm up with temps in the high 20's.

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Nobody said a plume was definitely going to happen. Nobody.

    4. conor123


      Yeah northwestsnow it's just a daylight S.A.D lamp I normally have for the winter, no UV in it, normally don't need till November...but..this summer haha