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  1. The greyest winter ever in Madrid. Nearly everyday foggy or wet, roll on Spring!

    1. lassie23


      you should move to the Uk when every winter is ermmmm grey and wet

  2. I must say i´m quite surprised considering the extremely hot uppers for tomorrow and Friday that highs only look in the low to maybe mid 20´s? considering the sunshine forecast and uppers of above 20 850pHa for much of England and Wales Friday i´m not sure how widespread 30c or higher is on the cards???
  3. Long spell of extreme heat beginning here in Madrid. 42c this weekend ?

    1. matty007


      Lucky bugger.

    2. karyo
    3. conor123


      A little too much for me, especially working!

  4. Outside of July - September it has been a very British year in Madrid, well above average rainfall, often damp/grey/chilly. Spring was characterised by frequent cool spells and downpours and this November has been incredibly grey and wet, currently 4c and damp/foggy with two more weather systems approaching later and for tomorrow, hopefully it picks up from next week.
  5. Terrible weather in Madrid much of this year, never such the 2nd driest capital in Europe could be so cold and wet.

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    2. MP-R


      Can't say I'm surprised. It was the same when I lived there. Wasn't there during July and August though so don't know what those two months are like.

    3. northwestsnow


      O dear conor !!

      Get back to shropshire!!

    4. conor123


      Massive contrast to last year which was fantastic from Mid February until November.

      This year just had July - September good, the rest has been a washout.

  6. Hey guys! Been back here a few days from sunny Madrid, it was a 42c over there at the weekend so coming back to sunny skies and 27c was definitely more manageable ?.
  7. A truly disgusting March here in Madrid and looks the same the rest of the month. Wetter than any January I can remember in the UK and almost no sunshine for two weeks just storm after storm, consistenly below average and windy too with another washout weekend on the way followed by biting North Easterlies next week.
  8. Torrential rain here in Madrid everyday for the past 12 days now and no sign of any improvement! this is worse than the UK :nonono:

    1. lassie23


      southerly tracking jet and all that:oops:

    2. Mokidugway


      Drizzle here so sangria not to wet :cc_confused:

    3. lassie23


      southerly tracking sangria and all that:cc_confused:

  9. As bad as being back in the UK lately in Madrid. Grey grey grey everyday.

  10. Maybe some snow showers later here when the winds turn more WNW? can see them in the distance to the west. If not, back to Madrid on Sunday although living in Spain I have been surprised just by how consistently cold those nights are in the winter, most morning in December started off around -3/-4c though very dry air so almost never a frost.
  11. Nothing here although The Wrekin nearby has a covering. Pity as was hoping to see something wintry before I head back to Madrid, but just light sleety rain in the end.
  12. Darnit, looks like the heavy stuff will stay south east of here. Just sleety rain and 3c
  13. Hey all! long time no see My first time in the UK in a long, long time and looking at the 06z GFS we might get something this evening here, other charts further south however. Living in Madrid seeing snow is pretty rare although last time I came to the UK in March it was snowing there
  14. I'm super jealous to be living in Madrid right now for once haha! parents said the weekend delivered best snow in many years and just sent me this picture right now heavy snow again.
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