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  1. After 5 months living in Madrid can safely say the weekend curse is not a Telford thing, sunny workdays followed by consistent washout weekends here since October :laugh::laugh:

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    2. cheese


      Madrid has a Mediterranean climate but with continental influences. I definitely wouldn't call it a true continental climate.

      The coastal Med is very humid in the summer - it seems to be a common misconception amongst Brits that the coastal Med is drier than the UK, when it definitely isn't. 

    3. Spikecollie


      I know the Med.! Tourists see it in blue skies and calm seas. I have seen it at its vicious worst in a goutte (d'air) froid, for example. It is a potentially violent sea and climate! It's very hard to classify some regions. We too, here, have many influences and much weather!

    4. conor123


      I'm working as an English Teacher Spikecollie and yes really enjoying it here thanks, a little to much tequila on weekends though ha ha!.

      I definitely noticed the cooler feel to warm spell here to, for example end of October/early November had a heatwave with temperatures around 24-27c but it would drop as much as 20c overnight, I remember Halloween hitting 25 degrees then waking up to 4 the next morning !!

      It has been on the news a lot though all the flooding this month and in November/December. The downside here is that when it does rain it doesn't move through like in UK we might get 3 hours rain, then clearance, squally showers/brightens up, here it will start raining and go a full 72 hours :laugh::laugh: not ideal when it falls on a weekend as usually it's relentless or at least it has been this winter.

      Fingers crossed next weekend delivers some warmth as UV is already as strong as early April in UK and I need it after a few weeks of feeling a vampire with these washout weekends haha!

  2. Thank goodness i'm escaping this grotty climate, another grey Saturday to add to the 30 odd others this year
  3. Sods law head to Madrid next week and the heat comes here instead
  4. Overnight low of 19c last night very muggy indeed, decent spells of sunshine this morning then grey from 11:30 onwards, max of 23c.
  5. Thanks mate, definitely be a nice change from cloudzilla's wrath And well you never know Ian, here's hoping something like this happens again!
  6. So weird to think in 10 days time i'll be living in Spain, nervous but exciting times!

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    2. Nouska


      Good luck in your move. :D ....from one that did it years ago and has loved every minute... too hot in Spain though.

      You'll certainly see snow on the mountains.

    3. MP-R


      Oh brilliant. I lived in Pozuelo so the other side of Madrid. Prepare to be disappointed if cold is what you like - Madrid's reputation as being cold in winter is based on the Spanish perception of cold which starts at about 15C haha. The most noticeable difference will be the sunshine. It also rained a lot when I was there.

    4. conor123


      Thanks guys!!

      I'm a heat and thunderstorm lover anyway though so luckily still will have a few weeks warmer than the British summer when I arrive before the Autumn kicks in aha! certainly be nice to swap 40 hours of sunshine in December for triple that amount! 

  7. Well after what seems like years of trying i'm finally leaving sunny Shropshire and starting a new job overseas near Madrid later this month Going from 1300 hours of sun a year to 2800 will be quite the pleasant shock!
  8. Makes a change August being the best of the summer months here, plenty of warm sunny weekdays unfortunately the weekends all year have been poor bar one. 23c and good sunny spells today.
  9. Standard scorcher of a Tuesday, 27.2c max though turned hazy after 3pm.
  10. 24c again today, feels very muggy this evening shame there's been no storms here since that brief one in May.
  11. Another beautiful day stuck in a windowless factory till 4pm, thankgoodness the sun's still high enough to get an hour in after work before it drops behind the woods. No shocks it looks like immediately warming up again next week after a washout weekend
  12. 24.6c max and unbroken sunshine...of course its a Monday
  13. 0 hours of sun all weekend, 0 clouds today now its the working week!! whattttt

  14. LOL as expected, it's Monday morning and not a cloud in sight...
  15. Sods law the rate the clouds breaking in the south the clearance will arrive here in time for sunset, very poor weekend considering with a bit of sun it would been 22/23 easy with these uppers.