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  1. Lighting appears to have stopped in the channel? Although the band of rain has expanded quite a bit Never mind, still going ?
  2. Right that's it, I give up for down here, been snowing, nothing laying and it's about to all move through. Good luck everyone and stay safe ??
  3. Looks to all be fizzling out rather quickly in the channel for our region, the SE could be hit nicely if that chunk of heavy stuff pivots
  4. Still not settling here, not feeling good about riding my bike in freshly laid snow on the way to work tomorrow morning.
  5. Light snow here now in Gosport, temp has plummeted a couple degrees c in the last hour.
  6. If I don't get anything from this on the coast i'm gonna be so annoyed haha. Come on weather gods just a couple cm will do me nicely!
  7. No hope down here 2 miles from the sea and 2mASL lol. DP is apparently 4.3c (Risen 0.1 in the last hour) Temp 6.4c
  8. I'm really not feeling optimistic about tomorrows prospects or Thursdays to be honest IMBY, maybe it's model fatigue but I was really looking forward for tomorrow a couple of days ago but it looks like a total dreary non event for most ? I hope my negativity is mis-placed but if nothing happens this week IMBY i'm giving up and coming back next winter.
  9. GFsP deepening and taking Tuesdays low slightly further North than it's 18Z last night, 18Z 0Z
  10. I saw the models this morning and was thinking... don't get excited, don't get excited, don't get excited... but tonight I think a little bit of wee has come out! I don;t know a great deal about the models but it looks to me like the ECM is following the UKMO in the short term and could well deliver down here (IMBY I know) I look forward to seeing the mornings runs, hopefully it continues on course.
  11. Quite a loud clap of thunder around an hour ago, along with a heavy shower, quite pleasant dusk now though, blue / grey sky no wind.
  12. Just randomly started raining here, just a quick shower but it looks like the radar is showing a number of heavy showers pepping up now just off the coast.
  13. Cracking storm this, also this is a great cam. Portsmouth harbour looking towards Gosport / Isle of Wight http://www.camsecure.co.uk/portsmouth_harbour_webcam.html
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