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  1. A couple more CM and you could practice going for gold in the bobsleigh!
  2. The worst thing about all of this, is that the Express will actually be right for once
  3. I cannot descibe how insane this is right now!!! Constand thunder/lightning and super heaVY RAin
  4. Oh man this could be a night to remember! Getting so close now, this is a rare treat indeed.
  5. Occasionally seeing some insane fork lightning and a bit of thunder now
  6. It doesn't seem to want to come any closer at the moment, come on I've got to be up early!
  7. Lightning to my south and west! Beautiful looking and heading in my general direction too!
  8. I can see the lightning in the channel, very violent looking!
  9. Be lucky to get any rain here at this rate
  10. The last few hours it's been refusing to get down here, I see the distant lightning and hear the thunder but it's nothing more than just a tease at the moment.