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  1. Will be toned down to nothing by then lol
  2. 18z looks better from mid next week onwards but too far to have any confidence, let's see if we can get a trend going.
  3. Once you see the jet stream head south you always struggle to pull in warmth, Lets think ourselves lucky we have had a hot spell this early, love looking at the charts everyday to try and find the heat coming its all the excitement, It shows nothing interesting today but wait until tomorrow you never no what might show up, PS never look ahead more than 3/4 days that's my opinion, The weather will smack you write in the face Have a good evening all .
  4. Don't be so down beat ens showing higher temps from 23rd ish on 12z and ecm shows high building at day 10 fantasy but its a start
  5. The 6z looks a good run back end lets just see if we can get the trend
  6. Yes northerly far reaches of FI on gfs 18z and will never verify roll on next winter or can some give any hope???
  7. Hi I wondering if we could get any upgrades on the pub run for the northerly chance next weekend seems to be getting a trend any other signals that could lead it to verify a few ens drop too on the 19th Feb?
  8. To be honest wouldn't trust anything past Friday at the min don't worry about these runs the models are not at grips beyond 2 days I should think the ecm is not correct yet has it as not happened I remember about 4 weeks back it showed an easterly out at 5 days you no what happend with that. Lol
  9. Lol maybe will hope we see better next week
  10. Any chance will get any tonight up ere
  11. Well that's what I call top chart you just never no What's around the corner but I'm liking what we are seeing.
  12. Will we actually get any snow this cold spell it feels pretty tiresome looking for showers on the radar_zzzzzzz
  13. GFS is over doing it easterly trying to come in later, but more south,gfs always puts zonal first before anything else, we will still see an easterly on the ecm 00z and GFS will upgrade don't worry night all
  14. -10 850s for South East at 196hr it's coming