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  1. Its all to do with the one day world Cup we only just manage to win. LOL
  2. Yes defo got heatwave blues me. But I still here looking for next warm spell. At least I can finish the garden without sweating like a waterfall lol. Roll on the 6z
  3. That low pressure on the gfs 12z is way over the top. Let's see what ecm say later.
  4. I urge people to wait a few more runs until writing off the the length of the warm/hot spell. Models can and will flip in an instant. I have just got a feeling this time it's different. The models have been all over the place coming up to this warm spell and I'm sure it's far from finalised. We know it's gonna get warm sometime early next week but we don't really no how warm or how long it's gonna last. I think we are on to something very very special this year. Take for example the models at min are predicting the Atlantic to breakthrough by next Thursday day in my area. That's 6/7 days away and no way would I trust any model that far away. If I'm honest at 4 days out we are still not 100% accurate. Night all.
  5. Yes very good post. People saying just a 3 day heatwave. It's not over yet far from it. Let's see where we are Saturday evening. I no 6z gfs fv is now history but I wouldn't right anything similar to that off yet. Let just see.
  6. Ecm is very strange to me. Totally diff from yesterday I won't trust any model beyond 96hr. Its all to do with how the energy is placed. Its no where near sorted in my opinion. I think we will something in between the gfs and ECM warm start to next week 30+ etc but I don't think the Atlantic will come in a quick as forecasted this evening from the ecm.
  7. According to the gfs 18z a couple of weeks of fine weather with little rain. Then southerly tracking yet. Bringing a low from the Atlantic towards the UK. All F.I at the minute of course. Been OK today in my area up in sunny south Yorkshire lol. sunny spells and warm sunshine. High about 19oC if everyday could be the same. Don't get me wrong I do love heat and a good thunderstorms after. But today has been spot on minds anything can be better than early June to be honest. Tomorrow supposed to be same and slightly warmer too. Enjoy all. Can't have it all. Night.
  8. The ecm changes from run to run at 10 days so wouldn't worry too much about the scandy troughing affecting our weather just yet. I'm sure we can't have another spell of crap like early/mid June. It would be very unlucky. Until the mets long range forecast changes I think we should be OK. Roll on the 18z. Ps don't trust anything you see in models past 5 days.
  9. Don't worry about next week yet. The azores will win out in the end.
  10. Nice few warm/hot days coming then a slight cool down Come beginning next week. Then azores trying to ridge east towards the UK late next week all FI. . Bit of a wobble regarding the latter this morning. On the ecm and gfs. Minds gfs looks better after the cool down. More runs needed. Ps sat on sofa waiting for sun To break thru. Predicted to clear this afternoon in. My location.
  11. I'm from Barnsley so looks like gonna get drenched lol
  12. Why are people looking at next weekends( 5%) chance start of a warm spell then saying it will only last 2 days. And then on the other hand saying FI is 5+ days. The UK is the UK and every so often we get strange weather events. Like heavy rain for 3 days like this week coming. We are gonna have to get used to up and down summers and winters. We had major snow in March from an easterly in 2018 plus we had nice summery weather in the summer of 2018.events that really are stand out in my eyes. This week could be the time for the heavy rain/flooding event. Then next month we could have 2 weeks hot sunshine/heat wave event. Nobody is really sure what is gonna happen next week. Its all stats including averages/background signals That do and will be wrong like the winter just gone. The world's weather is changing due to global warming and the weather models will get certain changes thrown at them and not know how to perceive it has the model may not have that certain algorithms installed into it. It will get harder and harder to predict the weather as time goes on and we will have to make the technology better to cope with it. Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the weather and it has stayed with me ever since until I'm now 38. My partner once asked me why do I like look at the weather so much has its boring to her. I had one simple answer for her. !! YOU EVER KNOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!! and that's the buzz roll on the 00z night all.
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