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  1. Afternoon all. Ok here goes. Are you ready. My take on on the models today is mmmmm aaaarrr reerrer ........................ I ain't a scooby doo . And that's goodnight from him and goodnight from me.
  2. Im trying to get some hope back in this thread lol lol it might verify then again pigs might fly
  3. CfsV2 for the 23rd of Feb .what's everybody worrying about it's bound too verify .honestly the output to terrible for cold tonight in reliable may I had. Which is probs 96hr. Something is lurking for cold round the corner I'm sure if it.
  4. Temp dropped to 4.6 now had a light rain shower at 12.30pm now clear sky's odd cloud patches.
  5. F I is about 4 days ahead for me looking at the models this morning wide scatter after then. Mostly looking mild but a few going cold nothing major yet(and that's a big yet)I still think something could happen regarding cold I still have some confidence at the Min with cold prospect. I'm waiting for the big upgrade shorty fingers crossed
  6. 6.1 degrees hear at Min sunny spells. little or no wind now. outskirts of Barnsley.
  7. Something special for cold is brewing I tells thi (in a broad Barnsley accent).
  8. I think every option is still on the table at the minute be it cold or mild. The dreaded word background signals are good mjo going into phases for cold chances and nao going negative. Gfs 06z looking better than the previous run. But not very cold uppers moving around the high. I'm wanting a late cold but can it all drop into place this time. ?
  9. I think I'm getting model fatigue lol. I think il give up looking at the models until after the weekend I think and see where we are then. 18z not the best for cold easterly but only one run.
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