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  1. OK. Let's have a minute. Today is the 13th of February.Still. Winter. All those on here that are thinking the cold has gone for this winter may need to think again. Fantasy island for me is about 4 days maximum. The main players maybe showing mild thru and thru but I for one have seen the ensembles switch within 5 days. So anything after Tuesday is up for grabs in my eyes. This sort of model watching saves a lot of disappointment and as served me well thru the years. What is showing now for Wednesday. Will not be the same as shown today on the 18z. Very small differences at the starting point
  2. Fantasy island is anything past Friday for me. Gfs 18z pub run maybe the turning point. The cold spell in my opinion is not over yet. Ens from 12z still show a possibility too. Until they all go mild it's still not certain the cold spell is over.
  3. Ward green Barnsley approximately 150asl sleety bits in the rain now. Getting colder now.
  4. Yes just looked at Ukmo. Very true fantasy island is about Tuesday for me in this set up. Anything after then is up for grabs. Excellent time for model watching. Gfs not has good as Ukmo but it can't be trusted. More runs needed.
  5. Once the cold is over us. It will be hard to shift and the breakdown will get pushed back. IMO.
  6. I tell you something this as got to be the best spell of model watching for sometime. I'm so addicted to it. I'm going insane. Also abit more about my upper post. I think once the cold is over us. The output going forward will change.
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