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  1. Some people worry about too far ahead on here the 00z will be different to the 18z and so on. Looks great to me for a decent cold spell. From next Sat Sun onwards for about 5/6 days then it fantasy Island from then on. They will be wobbles I'm sure and more upgrades from all models. I think it will probs be something in between UKMO and ECM gfs way too crazy for me personally don't trust until below 72hrs UKMO and ECM better trusted at about 144 give or take gem, jma,navgem il leave to everybody else PS love this forum. Let it snow let it snow let it snow lol.
  2. Like let's try this let's all toss a coin heads for easterly tales for southerly. This I what it's going to come down too. Ecm will be better tomorrow have faith lol P S I landed on Heads easterly try it lol
  3. Do we not listen to people in here, getting hung up by a few operational runs that obviously during a record breaking ssw will change on the next run. I'm 100%confident with what I have seen we will see an easterly of some sort, the extent or how cold is up for questioning.next run please.
  4. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    We may get this #blob still looks OK at min lol
  5. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    The blob is coming lol
  6. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    It will probably turn to dust lol
  7. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    I'm looking forward to next snow event whenever that maybe. Must admit quite a disappointment today. Chance Thursday/Friday maybe but not much hope,. Maybe do better when this ssw kicks in. Easterly showing on gfs12 fantasy island but that's like I say in fantasy island. I feel the lack of snow pain too. Feels even deeper also today has the Yorkshire chosen one has gone to Leeds a scum lol
  8. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    So is this gonna bring snow before main band?
  9. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    What's happening with radar tonight lol
  10. Well I don't really like to get too excited but "oh my god" the 18z is probably the best run I have seen on here spectacular.
  11. Looks promising but that blasted Atlantic jet. If it wasn't so strong we would be in an easterly dreamland. Hats off to UKMO too. Roll on the 00z upgrades.
  12. I really think we are in for something special at the minute, it's just not showing yet on the 12z, a couple more runs and we will back in the game, like I said earlier anything past 96hr will change about 90%of the time it's only a forecast of what might happen and not reality, it's a very interesting period coming up and still all February to go thru and maybe march, so if we don't get it now always a chance later on. Ps it's only what I think and I could be completely wrong lol ha ha. Also already managed to take young one sledging a few weeks ago. So done lot better than last five winters roll on 12z ecm.
  13. Too many people here get hung up by one run, the 12z will have a different outcome. when it gets too about 96hours then think its about correct give or take a few hundred miles etc, its just a trend at the minute. We all just want the trend to end up in our favour by 96hrs.