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  1. Its ecm/ukmo vs gfs again, gfs was wrong for cold prospects just a few days ago so I'm sticking with ecm/ukmo this time, go and have a long walk off a high cliff gfs nobody likes you.
  2. Well thanks GFS for making me look like a fool, I stuck up for you yesterday and you do this to me ha ha, never mind the model craziness as started early this winter, don't mind the mild\warm temps in summer has you have the light to enjoy it,in autumn winter its just a kick in the teeth , but maybe ecmf,gfs,ukmo,gem etc are all wrong and it will winter mayhem with 10ft snow drifts next week, here's hoping, PS love this forum.
  3. It looks to me has the GFS is onto something this time around,in my thoughts I think the ecmf will backtrack some what, also the last 3 runs have consistently pushed the cold south, this time I think the GFS is correct,also ECM struggles with this sort of set up, watch the 6z put egg on my face ha ha
  4. Wooooo that 18z looks a stonker , would be a early Christmas present if verifys ,but caution follows excitement,we shall see ?
  5. Of to Blackpool for 5 days next Wednesday so hoping the transient ridge has got more balls than that's showing and stay a while longer, here's hoping.lets see some upgrades from the 12z.
  6. Well the GFS pub run blows the 12z mid next week blow torch away well it was nice to look at anyway , will it come back on the 6z ?.Roll on 5am lol
  7. Yes would be lovely up at half 5 so I think that's a night for me lol hope to get woken up at 2am with fireworks lol
  8. They think its all over it is now, what a let down that was lol
  9. Me too right over pennies
  10. Towards pennies looking west
  11. Look like some heading our way now
  12. Showers moving across from peaks look tasty but like i say in earlier post no lightning detected yet on radar from the showers.