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  1. 31.4% chance of it happening anyway lol. Edit @Zak M reply to your post. Why its below I don't no lol
  2. If the post was not for here. It would have been moved by the forum host. Will keep to model chat in future. Edit by the way ECM day 10 12z was mentioned so was defo model chat.
  3. Just an hunch. I have a very very strong feeling 40oC could be breached at some point in the south this summer between now and August the 31st. Day 10 on ECM as +28 850hpa in Northern Spain. Only takes the correct movements and +20 850s could easily make it to the south coast. One to watch.
  4. Azores scandie ridge looking really really strong at 180hr on the 12z.
  5. I refer to my earlier post. It will Change by this evening lol.
  6. People just need to chill. It will have all changed by this evening.
  7. The 18z ens are gonna be very good I reckon after this run. Op will be in the top 5 but I'm punting not an outlier.
  8. I thought the last couple of days models were over pushing the Atlantic in. I now think tomorrow's models will firm up on the warm/spell next week. Slowly going back to what they saw earlier this week. Im pretty confident now and somewhere below Birmingham will hit 30oC at some point next week.
  9. This nowhere near a done deal in my opinion. Roll on the 18z which I think will show build up of the ridge and warm/very warm weather quicker. Gefs ensemble look very very good to me.
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