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  1. please let it end, just about to start a shift in a very hot factory, the so called accessible water is not.
  2. well the flood warning site on gov.uk is rubbish, our little river Bain have flooded part of the village.
  3. Great open skies here, hope you enjoy your time but keep away from the rivers, a lot of water working its way down from the Wolds, and Louth prone to flooding!.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louth_flood_of_1920
  4. first rumble of thunder here, and a bit of a cloud burst to say the least
  5. Things bubbling up nicely up on the Lincolnshire Wolds. fingers crossed a nice storm brewing.
  6. I'm roasting a chicken on my BBQ and all it has produced so far is a bit of moist mist, something is very wrong.
  7. we had a bit of a lull the first picture is my view to the west and the second to the north.
  8. Yes I'm up on the Wolds, and it is full blizzard for last half hour, visibility a few yards at most, very glad I'm not out in it, give it two hours I reckon the road will be cut off with drifts.
  9. the hollows of my primrose leaves have a slight dusting.
  10. well that buggers up my trip to Sheffield from Lincolnshire Wolds on Saturday.
  11. one of the lanes in Ludford, village cut off, tractors getting through.
  12. winds gusting 51mph at Donna nook and Bridlington, good for drifting.
  13. Full on blizzard here, no cars going though village, It is wonderful :), 4 inches on the flat, but drifting to over a foot. porridge on
  14. The police stopping people driving up Willingham hill up to my village. glad I stocked up.
  15. thanks for that, looks more positive for lincs. please ignore the image below, I can't remove.
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