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  1. Here is a live news programme from Japan in English. TV Live | NHK WORLD-JAPAN Live & Programs WWW3.NHK.OR.JP Japan's sole public broadcaster delivers to the world the latest information about Japan and Asia 24 hours a day.
  2. Quite agree Frosty and Japan being so heavily populated one can only wish for the best for the people there. Let's hope their earthquake proof buildings are also windproof too. In Tokyo and other major cities will probably be disruption but smaller places where most dwellings are wood there could be dreadful destruction. Hoping it weakens as it comes ashore because right now it is scary!
  3. I cannot say of course but I have been watching that sea for 5 mins now and it has got steadily worse as one would expect. I am on South Coast of England and in the great storm of 87 we had winds gusting to over 100mph. It sounded like this but not as loud. Just be glad the English Rugby team had the sense to move away from the area for a while! 15 minutes later and dawn is beginning to break in Japan and the scenes on this video show that, so I would guess, yes it is real!
  4. Agreed, now 1 hour later I am sure I would be very scared indeed if I was there! It is raising my heart rate just listening to it!
  5. An old Chinese proverb says, "If the birds of misfortune fly over your head, don't let them make a nest in your hair." Hope nothing from the Kebab boxes landed in your hair! Worse is when you are putting recycling in the bin and the lids blows down and hits you on the head. Believe me, that hurts! Thought my head was bleeding afterwards.
  6. Still blowing a hoolie here. Replying to @SouthernRailUK @NetworkRailSE #SNUpdates - Two trees are blocking the line between Ford and Barnham. Chainsaw teams are en-route to get these cleared as quickly as possible. Amazing that it is still gale force 8 gusting F9. This gale has now been blowing here for 24 hours so no wonder the trees are beginning to fall.
  7. Sorry about your sunflowers. I think you didn't get much rain because it was mainly heavy showers in bands and if they missed you then you went dry.
  8. Haha, good luck with that! I remember people in caravans on a Scottish camp site standing at their windows laughing as my brother and I attempted to put up a tent in a gale. Got it up eventually but had a very bent tent pole afterwards.
  9. I agree, seldom do you see orange areas for wind gusts over such a huge area. More usual round coasts. Sorry for the extra images but I am not good at attaching images so must have done something wrong. The image is from Ventusky by the way.
  10. As you can see from the amount of seaweed on this beach cam..... https://www.bognorregisbeach.co.uk/live ......it was a stormy high tide. Max wind speed here now F8 gusting F9 with it reaching F9 gusting F10 in the early hours. Happy to report my pear tree is not damaged apart from unripe fruit strewn across the lawn. Still plenty left though and it needed thinning out for the rest to grow bigger. ? This is the longest period of sustained gale force winds I have seen for a long time so this is obviously a huge weather system.
  11. Now a F8 gusting F9 so very likely to be gusting F10 here in Bognor by the morning.
  12. Now a F8 gusting F9 so very likely to be gusting F10 here in Bognor by the morning.
  13. Winds already blowing strong enough to mean it will be a disturbed nights sleep tonight as I am less than half a mile from the beach and the prevailing winds howl through our back garden like a banshee when the wind reaches storm force. A neighbours young silver birch tree is already almost touching the ground in the strongest gusts. Too dark to see if my pear tree is damaged yet. ? Usually Bognor Regis is sheltered just a little by the Isle of Wight due to prevailing South Westerly winds but when the wind is more Southerly then we can really get damaging gusts and currently it is Souther
  14. Ah, remember getting the ferry from Harwich to Gothenberg too many years ago now. Ah the long gone days of my youth. The best part watching to sun set into the sea, I never knew before then that it looked oval when it set over the sea. Having a bit of a squall here in Bognor now but still no rain! Very disappointed as tomorrow I will have to water the garden with the hosepipe. Half my plants have died already. Wind thinks it is a yoyo here! From http://www.chimet.co.uk/(S(jchixi552nzjcu45h5a4iyyl))/wind.aspx Finally it is pouring down! Yay! It does pay to whinge then!
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