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  1. I was watching the lightning in the storm over High Wycombe way. The lightning was very frequent, even though I’m about 60 miles away. It could be seen all over South Eastern England. If you’d looked towards the west about an hour ago you would have seen it.
  2. Not seeing so much now. Think some lower level cloud has got in the way annoyingly.
  3. As I look out I have clear skies above me, I can see the Moon and another planet all above a storm with frequent lightning about 60 miles away!
  4. Calling bust for here today. It really tried to break through the cap but in the end it just couldn’t. I’m pleased for those of you who did get a storm today, and hope everyone in the worst hit areas around Birmingham stayed safe.
  5. Well the cell that formed near me in the Thames Estuary decayed as quick as it appeared. Thought we were onto something there. Ah well.
  6. Can see the edge of that Hertfordshire cell from here and it looks incredible. Closer to home, it definitely looks and feels like it’s building up to something but with little luck so far
  7. It’s raining (?!) from a tiny cloud that’s formed quickly right overhead! That’s a good sign, going from clear sky to rain that quickly.
  8. Bit of ac cas appeared very quickly to my North out of nothing. Game still on for me I think
  9. The speed of development and movement of these distant CBs is incredible
  10. Lightning picked up over East London now. I’m only about 25 miles away and the weather here couldn’t be more different!
  11. It’s lovely sitting out in the garden right now in the sun watching that anvil far away over London change shape quite literally by the second. I’d post a photo but it’s too far away to be seen clearly.
  12. A bit of convection appeared quickly far off to the West. Possibly something to do with the new cell over North London. Shows that anything is possible today.
  13. Cloud beginning to thin out with signs of high level instability now
  14. Lots of cloud around this morning. That won’t do our chances today much good. Ah well, shouldn’t be greedy after last night! Anything today I will view as a bonus.
  15. Quietened down a lot outside, so I think I’ll turn in now, mainly because I’m knackered! It wasn’t a direct hit on me but still had some nice bright lightning and a lengthy period of near constant thunder. I’m counting it as my first storm of 2018. And let’s not forget that there’s still a good chance for a number of us tomorrow afternoon too, and it’s still only May. It was great to see so many others enjoying the storms too, and for those who were unlucky, don’t worry, summer hasn’t even begun yet! Long way to go. Night all.
  16. I’m really tired but I don’t want to sleep with all this going on. Still near constant rumbles! It must be very elevated,barely anything is showing up on Blitzortung compared to what I’m seeing and hearing
  17. Sferics now off the east coast of Essex too but won’t head my way
  18. There’s no sound quite like distant, rolling thunder at night...
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