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  1. Convective Weather has me on the border of the MDT and SLGT. Last time it was spot on...
  2. Well, that’s me woken up then. Definitely more thunder than I was expecting in this and the rain has been absolutely torrential
  3. Very heavy rain not long ago from the cold front I guess, no t + l though. I guess this it for this spell.
  4. Can’t believe how little rain we’ve had so far here considering. Is the stuff about to make landfall near Hastings of any interest?
  5. Think that’s about it lightning wise, still a bit more rain to come. Good luck and stay safe those in the firing line further north and east!
  6. Looks like I’m going to miss the best of it. Ah well, we got some much needed rain, and there’s something satisfying about distant thunder. Some of the cloudscapes have been amazing too. Still, not over yet, still got some rain to come!
  7. Torrential rain now, sky gone almost green! And we’ve got close lightning!
  8. Close rumble from nowhere! And after the rumble a series of screams could be heard from the local kids in their gardens!
  9. Lightning 7 miles away apparently, sadly north of me. Possible distant rumble heard though...
  10. Winds have drastically picked up over the last hour or so, don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing
  11. At this stage I’m honestly not even that bothered about thunder. I just want rain!
  12. Radar says there’s rain overhead, which I can believe however it’s not reaching the ground
  13. It’s cooled right down out there now and got very dark very quickly. Not expecting anything in this round but it certainly feels different outside...
  14. Lightning strike showing on radar just off the coast of Southend. I think it’s a false return but I can’t be sure. Really, I need something to form due south of me to be in with the best chance.
  15. Cumulus developed rapidly out of nowhere just to my south. It’s really ripe out there.
  16. Lots of high level instability here now, as well as an amber warning being issued
  17. So apparently a storm formed overhead here last night. And did it wake me up? No. This afternoon better deliver the goods now. To be fair I think it will.
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