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  1. Snowing very heavily here as well - Newtownabbey just above the Monkstown/Jordanstown area. Lying too. Hadn't even looked near the weather this evening and only noticed when passing a window in the house so nice wee surprise!
  2. Seriously windy over the last couple of hours here with some really intense gusts, sounds and feels worse than Monday/Tuesday.
  3. Just noticed one snow shower here today around early to mid-afternoon, didn't stick though. Road outside now glistening in the moonlight with frost/ice so as said above, take care if out on those roads, could be tricky. Interesting couple of days coming up with just about everything, and quite possibly the kitchen sink, being thrown at us. Take care all.
  4. Very light shower of rain here at the moment but was just out there and it was clear at the time with a beautifiul full moon low in the sky - noticed the car was reading 3C - don't think quite cold enough for anything wintery just yet.
  5. While amusing, it highlights the very point Essan just made - it's the Met Office who ultimately take the flak for these sensationalist headlines and 'forecasts' when they fail to materialise.
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