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  1. Really did feel stifling hot this afternoon....thankfully a bit of cloud cover now. Sky looks incredible here this evening. What a summer we've had. And a slight breeze picking up here now. A few more days of this madness then back to default? But for the love of dieu it can't be as hot as last night can it? That was a sleep in a steam room! I woke up at the other end of the bed with my vest stuck to the bed stead!
  2. Although my garden has been battered and the runner beans are in a state of mild shock today has been wonderful to actually get some fresh, cooler air in my lungs. This past week my wife, who hails from South East Asia has been complaining about the heat, and from where she comes from that's saying something about the past week. Anyway it's going to warm up again later in the week and I hope we get another week or two of hot weather. But today has been a refreshing day. And it's been bloody welcome.
  3. In Cambridge tonight.....it's been not mega storm time, but just great to look at a mean moody sky, similar to Bangkok sky line. And it's cooler....oh so nice.
  4. I hear you Norfolk Sheep.....obviously you've been getting the North Sea gloom for a while and we get it to a lesser extent here. I hope the weather does change and maybe a nice Azores high from the south west will cheer us all up!
  5. Turned into a very nice clear and warm afternoon and evening here in Cambridge after the North Sea gloom cleared! Popped some runner bean seeds from last year into some pots today, hope they work! Cucumbers doing well and the courgette plant has fought off the snails and slugs to survive! I'm gonna get some organic food this summer!
  6. Lovely and sunny but getting cloudier here in Cambridge. Actually quite warm and there are some hardy bumblebees flying around... This bracing wind + digging up the veg patch= Very effective hangover cure!
  7. Incredible reading this thread... Stay safe in Ireland.
  8. concur what Stainesbloke said, everything looks so green. Feels so fresh out there. Total contrast to this time last year. Please let us have a few sunny days weather gods!
  9. It was a really nice day.... I was mowing my dad's lawn this afternoon and the sun broke out and it felt really hot. Right now it's a lovely still evening out there and I love it when you get warm weather with a hint of autumn cool. Perfect! Plus I've got 4 aubergines to pick off the plant tomorrow! And some tomatoes! Thank you weather gods for a bit of decent weather at last.
  10. Felt really cold and damp today, not nice. I looked at my weather diary to see that it didn't get really hot last August until about the 16th..... So let's hope we get a nice few weeks of warmth after this orrible Atlantic stuff! I believe!! And I have had two aubergines off my plant so it's not all bad!
  11. Really is chilly... But as others have said we've had a pretty good summer this year. But, yea, this is not great. Come on jet stream move north!!! r/e Daniel... Not sure how I copied and pasted that? I was reading it on my iPad and somehow pasted it... Erm anyway.
  12. Just been the most wonderful half hour looking at the night lightning near here.... And here comes the deluge
  13. Quite incredible lightning visible here in Cambridge from those storms coming out of North London... Wow.
  14. Still pretty murky and a bit of wind here but it does feel slightly warmer than earlier today.... Hoping for a nicer day tomorrow. We've been spoilt for hot weather this summer, but I think we deserve more! Fingers crossed....
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