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  1. Hi Paul

    My name is Keiran Fuller, I'm a reporter from Caters News Agency, I'm based in the UK but we have offices in the US, South Africa, India & Australia.

    I've been trying to get hold of you to talk to you about doing a story about you. Could you contact me on [email protected] or 0121 616 1100. 

    Thank you



    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Hi Keiran

      Have 8 more days of chasing before I return from my annual 2 month out here so would Friday 24th June be ok as will be in England then. Can call you on the London number then if thats ok




    2. Keiran_Caters


      Thank you that's great. 

      This is the best number to get me on. 

      0121 616 1100 .

      Could you email over a contact to [email protected] 

      Thank you


      All the best,


    3. Paul Sherman
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