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  1. It's been a thoroughly vile and depressing start to December here in St Leonards on Sea. Winds gusting to 30 odd mph driving the incessant rain and drizzle sideways all day long and so dark all day I needed the outside lights on, never mind the indoor ones. I despise this kind of weather.
  2. This mornings early morning drive from St Leonards on Sea to a hospital appointment in Sidcup turned out to be less troublesome than I feared despite the weather. The worst part of the journey as always is the 20 or so mile single carriageway section of the A21 from Battle northwards. Despite heavier traffic than usual it was a relief to see drivers using common sense and slowing down in the conditions. Winds locally have been regularly gusting 30-40mph since 10am yesterday but rainfall has been nothing exceptional. I got back to the South Coast in time to enjoy watching a couple of surfers enjoying the waves at Rock-a-Nore in Hastings this afternoon.
  3. The first snow of the season here in St Leonards on Sea, just 2.2 miles from the coast and 81m above sea level. Settling on some surfaces.
  4. It was a news article which mentioned a South East snow event which happened over 30 years ago, interesting though it was it hardly relevant to the current weather here in the South East ! On that note, it's still wet and windy down here on the South Coast. Quite probably the worst conditions we've had down here so far this Autumn.
  5. No idea why this has been posted on this thread ??
  6. It's a bit breezy down here on the South Coast this evening, winds gusting 30-40mph and blowing the rain in sideways but very mild temperature wise. 11.2c at this time of night in November is almost tropical. I've just been reading some interesting posts on another well known weather website and they are hinting at some potentially quite severe weather for southern coastal counties tomorrow (Saturday ). Might be worth keeping an eye on.
  7. Sitting in my back garden yesterday evening I enjoyed a 25 minute lightning display, the first since July 27th and only the 4th time this year in this area. Whilst the lightning was very close by and at times vivid there was very little thunder audible. A pleasant surprise at the end of what was a mild but properly autumnal day here on the South Coast.
  8. A very respectable maximum today of 16.2c locally despite being mostly cloudy. Sitting on the seafront in Hastings this afternoon it felt anything but Autumnal with no breeze and mostly clear blue skies just a few miles to the east. I've yet to record a frost here this Autumn, the closest call so far was 1.8c on October 31st. Nearby Herstmonceux reported -0.2c that night, making it the first frost there since March 29th if I'm not mistaken.
  9. The shipping forecasts are still broadcast daily on Radio 4 Katrine. Early morning and late evening : https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006qfvv It's been another decent day down here on the South Coast, feeling quite pleasant in the sunshine and still no frost here so far...
  10. Well done for completing that and pleased the weather held out for all who took part.
  11. My Facebook page did it's Reminder thing today and I was reminded that on this day 6 years ago, it was snowing and settling where I lived back then in Northwood, North West London. It was a rare event in that neck of the woods at that time year.
  12. Just back from a leisurely stroll through Hastings' stunning Alexandra Park and followed it up with a couple of hours on the seafront and was surprised it didn't feel as cold as I was expecting. I'm the first to admit I don't cope well with cold weather, due in part to health issues and I'm currently taking medication for a Copd flare up and chest infection so wasn't looking forward to this weekend given the forecast. However, despite temperatures locally of 8.2c it felt pleasant enough under mostly blue skies and a fairly light breeze. Feeling refreshed and better already.
  13. I'm with you 100% on that SB. I'm not in the best of health at the moment but being able to sit on the seafront in the sunshine for a couple of hours this afternoon was a real mood lifter. It was only 14.1c but with barely a breeze it felt comfortable enough and good to see so many folk out and about making the most of it. Belated congratulations on your wedding btw.
  14. The last hurrah for warm sunshine today I fear, certainly for the next few days at least. Not a bad way to bow out though, blue skies and 19.3c locally, and with barely a breath of wind it felt even warmer. 10/10.
  15. It's been another pleasant Autumn day here in the Hastings area with some decent sunshine, albeit hazy during the morning. Temperatures locally just shy of 16c but with just a light breeze it was comfortable enough to do some light gardening jobs. Currently sitting in the garden with a beer enjoying a clear view of the full moon. I'm not looking forward to the forecasted dip in temperatures this weekend though, coupled with the clocks going back.
  16. The nearest official weather station to us is Herstmonceux and up until today it's recording a total of 22.8mm so far this month. However, 15.2mm of that total was recorded on October 15th and it didn't rain at all here in St Leonards on Sea or pretty much anywhere else east of here on that day so for your location I would say about 7.6mm so far this month. Boring fact I know, but you did ask !!
  17. It's been a stunning weekend here in coastal 1066 country with cloudless skies and warm with it....19.6c. Incredibly given the time of year I couldn't find a space in any of the large seafront car parks in Hastings despite having the 'advantage' of a Blue Badge. That's something I've not encountered since moving here over 3 years ago, not even in summer. Another first for me today ( for this time of year ), I was watering my garden at 5.30pm and not just the plants in tubs, the shrubs in the border were showing signs of distress. My neighbour was cutting his grass at the same time, I'll be doing mine this week, hopefully the last cut of the year.
  18. With apologies to those under the murk and gloom just a few miles to the north and west of here, I've just returned from another splendid afternoon at the seafront enjoying blue skies and warm sunshine. Same as the last 3 days, from Hastings I could see the cloud sheet which has been evident on Sat24 but which has fortunately continued to skirt around the far south eastern tip of East Sussex and Kent. Temperatures locally again nudging 20.0c. Long may it continue.
  19. Here in the South Eastern extremeties it's been another glorious mid October day with almost unbroken sunshine, azure blue skies and just a light breeze. I spent all afternoon down on the seafront and beach in Hastings and despite now being 'out of season' there are still a lot of folk out and about making the most of the weather. I'm pretty certain we've managed to eke out yet another 20c day locally. Great for local businesses and lifting the spirits.
  20. Meanwhile down here on the South Coast........ It's been a cracking day here in the Hastings area with an abundance of sunshine and blue skies lifting the temperature to a very respectable 20.1c locally. Not bad at all for mid October
  21. It seems we've got off lightly rain and temperature wise today here in the Hastings area. Tmax of 18.9c locally and what little rain we've had so far has been in occasional short lived 5 minute bursts since around 6pm bst Even now the heavier showers crossing the Channel seem to be staying just a few miles to our west.
  22. It feels more like a summers evening than an autumn one here in St Leonards on Sea, not complaining though. Currently 19.1c with a southerly breeze. If this weather holds out it should be near perfect for Saturday's Hastings Bonfire event.
  23. Some great storms in Majorca at the moment, live webcams here : https://livecam-pro.com/en/majorca.html
  24. I've just got home from a very pleasant drive and occasional stroll around in the warm Autumn sunshine taking in some of the many delights on offer here in East Sussex. I Set off from home in St Leonards on Sea, ending up at Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters, via Normans Bay, Pevensey Castle, Eastbourne, Beachy Head and Belle Toute. Great to see so many smiling faces out and about making the most of the good weather, 20.8c locally
  25. Cloudless skies, a gentle breeze and 20.6c here in St Leonards on Sea today, a perfect autumn day.