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  1. Ed,

    Just saw your post about GMB and Sussex Ambulances.  Note in the article you referenced they talk all about it being caused by Clinical Commission Groups (i.e. CCG's).

    CCG's took over from Primary Care Trusts.   They are run by the local GPS.   The 'wide-boy' GP's are getting stupid rich out of the CCG concept.   Three of my local GP's made a couple of million pounds out of it each.

    CCG's are also the reason that A&E's are overloaded.   They outsource out of hours GP cover to private companies.   The private companies then, when taking calls, try to get patients to answer questions when they phone for a GP in a way that the service can define it as an emergency.  That way they don't need to send a GP which is what they are paid for they just farm it to the Ambulance service.   Voila, Ambulance and A&E overload.

    I'll open a thread to detail such after the Ref is over.




    1. alexisj9


      Um I used that service in croydon a few times never once did it send me, or my kids to A and E, it's the Out of hours GP service, although the place you are sent is at the hospital it is not A and E, it's was next door but separate.

    2. alexisj9


      However I can well imagine they do make a hell of a lot of money out of it. I don't think GP's should be in charge of ambulances at all, didn't know things had changed in that department. We'll have a fully private health system soon.