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  1. emmett garland

    Forty years ago today.

    What a fantastic documentary without any narration too and full respect to the uk police force who show off a great authority and marvelous sense of humour under some extreme conditions on that motorway in what was very grim times throughout the UK.Its little gems like this video that makes me very glad that the netweather forums are there.
  2. emmett garland

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    September 1986 was a lovely month in Ireland and one of the driest and sunniest in many years so the following january 1987 was bitterly cold with significant snowfalls in eastern Ireland.
  3. is my prediction of 19.2 going to be true..
  4. emmett garland

    Sunday 22nd July weather observations

    current temp 22.1 oc maximum 27.0 oc today in dublin phoenix park very humid though.
  5. emmett garland

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Ahhhhh the smell of petrichor here but only 1mm of rain today..The lawns here are the most scorched I have seen in all my 49 years of dublin but im loving this amazingly sunny not so hot summer in Dublin
  6. Here in dublin we have had 17.4mm since may 1st and 2.2mm last measurable rain also on June 16th in an early morning shower and that gave us a June total of 3.9mm . some trees are starting to shed leaves and lawns are a golden brown and hosepipe ban is now enforced .Personally for me this is the best summer spell since 1995 but if it continues which seems very likely I am enjoying history in what is certain for me to be the sunniest spell of weather I HAVE EVER witnessed here in ireland.I am 48 YEARS OLD
  7. emmett garland

    Sunday 24th June weather observations

    calm/ clear skies and a current temp of 14.2 degrees . Beautiful
  8. emmett garland

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I love reading this thread and cant believe for once Ireland is having the most incredible spell of good weather. It kind of kicked off middle of may and we have had abundant sunshine during the last 3 weeks with temperatures hovering between 20 - 26 degrees most days,highest readings in the west where I was lucky enough to be on a camper van holiday from the 27th may through to the 3rd of June and spent most if not nearly all of my time in counties Roscommon , Sligo, mayo, Clare and Galway. there was at least 12-15 hours of sunshine on at least 3 days and 8 -10 hours on other days with temperatures always in the low 20s. Since I have come home to Dublin the last 7 days there have been 81 hours of bright sunshine (196%), zero rainfall and a mean temperature of 13.4 degrees Celsius .On the plus side wind speed averaged 7 mph for the week .This is the most prolonged spell of good weather I can recall since 2006 and already the lawns Dublin are a parched brown. Even more impressive is the town of Shannon Co Clare in the west which currently has a 2 week mean temperature of 18.6 Celsius .Amazing start to the summer so far in the emerald isle.ON another note and would love to hear from somebody who lives in and around Loftus (samos) and why it always holds the coldest day max temp this time of year. Anyways the sun continues to shine in Dublin until at least Thursday so happy days still continue..
  9. late june 1985 over dublin city I was at the simple minds concert at croke park and it was a very warm muggy day and as darkness fell you could see the flashes to the south over the wicklow mountains just as the concert ended. I was 15 at the time and it was a 2 mile walk home heading north to whitehall where i live uphill all the way and to this day i cant recall such heat late in the evening (11 30pm) and vivid lightning over the south of dublin creeping north. The streetlamps started to flicker for the last 10 mins home and power outages became normal from then and it aws just as i got home I witnessed the most intense electrical storm I have seen in Ireland with ground strikes every 6 or 7 seconds including many within 100 meters of my house and sporadic downpours .Hundreds of chimneys where destroyed in west dublin and numerous house fires were reported . the storms lasted intensely until 5am and it was 2 pm before the last of the thunder could be heard . For the night time duration i was at my bedroom window looking west and quick runs to my sisters room to view east windows wide open of course . i was always amazed by lightning storms and have traveled many places but this was the most vivid in my life and I was in the comfort of my parents house.
  10. emmett garland

    9th/10th February 1988 gale

    yes i remember it very well being from dublin, there was sustained wind speeds of at least 35 - 45 mph and tremendous gusts from a westerly direction throughout daytime hours and I have vivid recollections of rte news showing massive boulders washed up sligo and donegal where they had gusts in excess of 100mph ..the winds continued into the night and rain turned to sleet. I was 17 at the time and it was one of a series of weather events between 1985 -90 that got me hooked. the others where the june 85 electrical storms. hurricane charley aug 86 ..summer heat 89..
  11. looks like epic snow thursday night into friday
  12. emmett garland

    Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    its going to snow in dublin 0 degrees at phoenix park and dublin airport -3 at mullingar currently cold air locked in place and the chart suggests mild temps well south we are sure to see the white stuff
  13. emmett garland

    Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Im new to this site and I love to study the charts but its late november and all I can see is sleet on high ground in ireland and the usual snow in north england highlands and high ground midlands but short lived..Am I wrong?