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  1. Awful day today cloudy for most of the day and a bit of sun this evening . CAN only dream of weather like yours over the irish sea. Had to wear trousers too and I work outdoors landscaping didnt break a sweat . I wore shorts back in march when we seem to get our hottest sunniest days.I hate these days when its 33 degrees a couple of hundred miles away and we are stuck at 16 degrees and very very dark gloomy november skies I honestly prefer sunny Autumn Spring days its our best chance of decent weather. Rant over.
  2. Thats a shockingly horrendous forecast for my location I pray to the gods its wrong
  3. Cloudy Current temp 12.4 c Morning Low 10.3 at 6 09 am Wind 6 mph Westerly
  4. I,m loving the model outputs at the moment..living in Ireland we are currently enjoying one of our greatest starts to summer {Amazingly through lock down} .For us on the Emerald Isle a temperature over 20 degrees is a bonus in summer months with thousand;s scurrying out going on about how hot it is and we can only dream about 25.5 degrees achieved so early in April in st Jame;s park so thankfully it looks like high pressure in control and yes the post tropical storm or whatever will be pushed on towards the always unlucky Faroe islands.
  5. Cloudy ,Current temp 11.2 c Low temp 7.1 c 3 41 am Wind NW 9.8 MPH
  6. Clear blue sky Current temp 9.1 c Morning low 5.8 At 4 18 am Wind NNE at 3 mph
  7. Current temp 6.9 c Morning low 5.2 c at 5 31 am Wind East at 16 mph nil rain and fair weather
  8. Current temp 8.9 c at 12 36 pm and Highest temp 12.3 c at 12 59 am Wind 8.3 mph ENE ..Cloudy.
  9. Current temp 14.2 c Clear and sunny .Morning low 11.3 c at 4 28 am .Wind Calm
  10. Current temp 13.4 c Low temp 9.6 c 4 27 am Rainfall 1.26 mm wind at 6 mph SSE Mostly fair weather becoming sunny
  11. Current temp 10.9 c Morning low 9.0 c at 5 50 am Wind 8.6 mph SE sunny and clear
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