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  1. I could be cheeky and say I am not from the UK BUT WE ALL LIVE IN THE SAME CLIMATE. I just want to say the only thing I miss about the winter here in Ireland is the lack of storms we had when I was a lad between 1988 and 1992 . Lampost watching I was as they almost buckled in the winds during the most memorable storms to ever hit the Emerald Isle. Mild but wonderful memories of being out in such conditions that really where breathtaking to experience in a short number of years. I would like to say that although some members feel the dark encroaches and dreariness sets in during the 3 -5 months surely many of us know that even in December we can have the most beautiful sparkling sunny days that can rival a bleak June damp spell. Winter in the UK is and always will be very unique as we know not whats in store but be damn sure its exciting and a dream for real weather enthusiasts so in our current climate I hate the winter for its unreliability but my god when we are blessed with ,Blizzards,Ice days ,pea soupers, Streamers, beasts from the east ,convective turbulence from the dreaded Atlantic and some epic tropical air mass migrating north, are we not privileged with what we have and embrace the beauty of uncertainty and what the weather will throw at us next and that goes for all seasons.
  2. I remember watching breakfast television on BBC I think here in Dublin and being very jealous as i was heading to school and they were showing live pictures from Dover and i couldn't believe how big and heavy the flakes were among the lamp posts at 7 30 am in the morning. We did get some nice streamers here in Dublin during the event but my best memory is the description my best friend Gordon told me who was in London at the time and he and his parents were not equipped for such sub zero conditions and said they would never visit England again in winter .I disagree i always wished to be there during such an event.
  3. Its picking up speed as it moves northeast and would be anything but a normal low with potentially damaging gusts but yes still a way to go yet and for me living in Ireland Ill be watching this one closely
  4. Just saw the NHC advisory for Lorenzo which is now getting a little bit more credible that possibly overnight weds we will see some stormy weather over much of Ireland so personally myself I am going to be glued to all the posts now from today and really look forward to see how Lorenzo tracks as I had some day out in Ophelia 2 years ago and witnessed 3 huge trees fall down in Howth on the golf course that day and wind damage was widespread over the country. What was unusual about Ophelia was the lack of rain and it was mostly sunny at the height of the storm which was the complete opposite to ex hurricane Charley on August 26 th 1986 that dropped over 200mm of rain in Wicklow resulting in devastating floods in the rivers around Dublin and I was 15 years old at the time and was hooked ever since on extreme weather.So I am obviously aware for public safety but for storm lovers this is surely exciting times.
  5. Ps that was an impressive timelapse there sun coming out right at the end
  6. We had 16.8 mm in a n hour in co cavan and 12 - 20mm locally southeast of in last few hours
  7. I live in Whitehall an area elevated just north of Dublin in the suburbs and in late November 2010 we had a streamer which brought thunder snow in very light nne wind conditions but my God the flakes where huge and between 10pm and 1am I measured 20centimeters and have never seen the likes of it since. 18th to 23rd dec 2010 produced similar amounts and the beast from the east brought more snow but they were grains not the big fluffy flakes everybody loves.
  8. Did you know this thread is 1011 days old
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