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  1. heavy rain overnight and some heavy showers today but feeling muggy here.Max 20.3 . min 14.1 . Currently 16.1 and 17.3mm of rain.
  2. I see wittering has been deluged since midnight with 51 mm of rain [without the thunder of course]
  3. a mirror image of yesterday afternoon for ireland and a beautiful morning in dublin now. Must again be a horrid day in the isle of man and eastern northern ireland
  4. What a contrast sitting here at 21 degrees in dublin and blue sky sunbathing and i can only imagine what conditions must be like on the isle of man a stones throw away geographically. Ahhhhh another cold beer please.
  5. 34.5mm of rain in one hour in claremorris in republic of ire between 8 -9 pm
  6. The last 27 days in Dublin have had nine 20oc+ days and no 25oc+ days so its a cracking last month for our location . I really do dream of a temperature over 25oc as we might get it once or twice a year . southern England to me always gets a perfect summer even in average years and can see no need to ever grumble..
  7. is nobody listening to lauren, stick to what the thread is really about.
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