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  1. We have had avery dry spell since 27th May and our reservoirs are low as we are in a very rare heat spell for us. Pretty much since the 12th of July we have had clear skies and since last Sunday tempeatures have reached 29 -31 degrees apart from testerday 27.6 which will be breached again today. The irish are not used to this so 4 million people water there gardens constantly and paddling pools all sold out. We also feel its ridiculous to ban some use as we know its the terrible harbringer of rain. I myself am out sunbathing for the umpteeenth day in a row and its been bloody marvelous with 22 -26 degrees for the last 10 days in Dublin its paradise and swimming for 1st time since 2018 with a beautiful water temp. You never really need 30 degree heat thats why I go to greece but what I will say is there is no place like home when the sun shines.
  2. Here Dublin apart from May which was dreadful we have had a very decent spell with very dry weather and abundant sunshine. I can honestly say it feels like we are having a london summer and you are having a scottish one.
  3. 270c at 1pm in Newport county Mayo currently , the west of Ireland keeps producing the high temps and many weather stations are 6 -8 degrees celsius above average with close to or above 12hrs of sun a day since the 14th July.. Whoop Whoop..
  4. the temperature in gurteen Tipperary in Ireland has gone from 27oc at 7pm to 29 oc after 8pm .Incredible for us over here
  5. just ran my cold tap ,it was warm for nearly 30 seconds
  6. there is something afoot about that liverpool station this year
  7. we have had about 32 hrs from thursday to now and im currently in blue skies here in Dublin. We have only had 0.8mm of rain too a rarity for us .
  8. I wonder why meto alarm have nothing yet for Germany as those storms are marching towards the country and lighning strikes are becoming much more prolific.
  9. Can I ask a maybe silly question but if some really good thunderstorms move in midweek is drone footage possible from a height for spectacular footage..
  10. sunny morning then cloud and warm sunshine coming back .max 19.2 so far min 15.2 at 8 01am nil rain 1024mb and 13mph peak wind at 9 23am
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