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  1. Thick mist and murk rolled in off the sea Vladthemert, vis is pretty bad down Cleethorpes sea front Regards
  2. Well,. Saw the first flash to the northwest of me then the pager went and we got launched to sightings of red flares. As we were going along the beach to the tide edge the bolts were pretty awesome towards the Immingham area. The clouds were unbelievable once heading to the sighting location like nothing I have ever seen. As we reached the area of search some 3 miles away at humberston we.could see cleethorpes disappeared within the monsoon yet we were dry. The lightning was quite incredible as the storm headed out to sea. Can still hear the occasional rumble now as the cloudscape out to sea l
  3. Evening. Getting increasingly dark to the south of cleethorpes right now. Towers to the west also. Awaiting with bated breath..........feels close and humid. Regards.
  4. Morning. Couple of strikes near to North Cotes and Marschapel in North Lincs and seen in Cleethorpes, nice rumble of thunder. Raining in Cleethorpes now. Regards
  5. Another flash and deep rumble more or less straight away.....looks to be heading North West, perhaps towards Hull. Monsoon here now. Regards
  6. yes, saw the flash, long deep rumble of thunder, came from offshore Donna Nook direction. Very dark out to sea off cleethorpes right now.Regards
  7. Hi all, Cleethorpes getting darker, been raining for a while, had a strike near to Binbrook about 20 mins ago. Darker now to the south west. Gonna jump in the car and head south down the coast road and see what happens, seems to be a bit of a disco towards the wash judging by the live detector. Regards
  8. It certainly was!! I drove through it on my way home, as I was heading East on the M180 I could see the sky getting blacker and blacker and it hit just as I was going over the Trent Bridge. Heavy rain, pink lightning bolts and virtually nil visibility on the motorway, came out if it just past Brigg and it was lightning constantly, 4 miles up the road and nothing, nice and sunny all the way back to the coast. Was interesting driving through it to say the least!!
  9. Ah, yes, nice, probably never heard it as the rain was making enough noise as it was. Must say though as the storm moved out towards Spurn Point it did seem to intensify somewhat. As it was heading out to sea we had a jet black sky with an awesome rainbow. As I type now I can see the clouds building to the South and North West.......
  10. Not heard the thunder Vlad but the squall looks impressive sweeping over the Humber
  11. Very strange clouds......kind of rotating...
  12. Approached with such ferocity!
  13. Storm approached us very fast.....dumped it's load and headed off to the North.
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