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  1. What a fabulous day out there. Can’t believe it’s February, feels like April!
  2. From 17th January to 5th February is a notably cold CET period just below 2.5c. SSW related?
  3. Favourite cold seasons this decade 1. 2010 2. 2011 3. 2013, 2018 5. 2012 6. 2019(so far) 7. 2015, 2017, 2016, 2014
  4. A nice snowy scene this morning Edit: Heavy snow now
  5. Just had the heaviest shower of the day, left a dusting. Just need more of those. A good half hour one wouldn’t go amiss
  6. I’m hinging my hopes on a covering by morning. An inch would be lovely
  7. This afternoon/evening we should see the most but even Saturday you wouldn’t rule showers out
  8. You can see why tomorrow is looking particularly good from a shower perspective with the Low to the south turning the winds into the east as it moves eastwards. The beeb have some big showers forming Morning Evening
  9. In comparison things do look marginal during the day but nights give ample opportunity. Tuesday just gone things looked much worse as thicknesses, dew point and 850’s were too high with the synoptic pattern
  10. Maybe a snow surprise tonight into Saturday for some as showers from the North Sea stream in later
  11. Might hit the rare -5c Wednesday night. Last March we hit -4c so might beat that
  12. Sunday evening/Monday evening/Thursday afternoon look possible snow chances
  13. There’s a little feature Monday afternoon too across Yorkshire which bring snow early evening
  14. The centre of the low overhead your location is best to take advantage of evaporative cooling and when dark if possible
  15. Last year we had snow at night in northern England from 850’s around -2 because of evaporative cooling. The south coast looking good if it can just nudge slightly north on the Ukmo model for Tuesday night
  16. ECM and Ukmo end of next week showing the importance of where any wedges of high pressure sit the difference of a westerly airstream to a northerly. The winter of no proper northern blocking continues so short cold snaps at best e.g early 2003
  17. 5 models with the ECM the odd one out, all the rest looking colder/snowier/north-easterly feed
  18. First proper flakes of the season here with 520 thickness, -2 dew point and -8 850’s
  19. This is the chart of the day for me. Shut your eyes and imagine the blizzard setting in
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