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  1. I'm looking forward to it, Karl, but I do have some sympathy with Markyo: very short, hot and humid plumes (such as the one that hit on 16/6/16) can cause folks to commit acts of long-lasting self-harm.

    Otherwise, here in June, the sea-breeze removes most of the discomfort after, say, 11 am. And mostly quite calm conditions, like those being signalled, are ideal.:oldgood:

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  2. I prefer to base my longer-term expectations upon the teleconnections, and hope that, at some point in time, the tail-ends of the short-range models will come into line with what the ENSO, MJO and such suggest...Though, run-to-run and model-model variances being what they are, such an approach will never be entirely straightforward. It might even be cobblers!

    Like one of these, perhaps: image.thumb.png.ca577c09a19d532fd23b3eff8d46ff5f.png

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