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  1. Doesn't look like next week's 'dire' weather'll be all that 'dire', after all?
  2. https://www.bbc.com/ideas/videos/are-you-suffering-from-climate-change-anxiety/p073zgqd?playlist=sustainable-thinking
  3. Not the greatest of 00Z runs, it has to be said; there's always room for optimism, however: Not the greatest of FV3 runs, it has to be said, though, it is a crap model, anywho -- no harm, no foul: And, as expected, the ensembles have lost some of their inchoate stonkerescence -- better luck next time? -- though SLP is still on the rise. The only way is up?
  4. I think this weather-forecasting malarkey would be a whole lot more straightforward were it not for seasonal flies-in-the-ointment: misplaced SSWs, in Winter/early Spring; Atlantic hurricanes, in late Summer/Autumn, come to mind?
  5. GEFS 12Z ensembles are showing signs of upcoming stonkerescence: Let's hope the overdue demise of the PV remnants is nigh!
  6. And the FV3 takes us (not that a computer-model can actually take us anywhere!) one step closer to HP Heaven: Great model!
  7. FV3 (brilliant model!) doesn't end all that badly -- 0C uppers, or above, will do me!
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