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  1. "So what's yours in then? Or is my suspicion of the 'politics of envy' spot on...Mine's in science BTW and has absolutely nowt to do with my referendum intentions"

    Are you really as unpleasant as you come across?? clever chap ....a science degree...snap....but I suspect I also have a much higher degree of empathy than you.

    1. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Do you really? Why not post in the regular forum, then? Does that really matter, or have you swallowed the myth that those of us with AS have no empathy? All I was trying to say, is that the EU debate is not based on objective observation...Not mine, not yours, not anyone's - it's 100% subjective...Hence your opinion has precisely the same value as mine?? Knowing the British political system, I suspect that it's not a lot!:D