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  1. there’s nothing to watch other than that too the north-east scotland which was never sinking south in an easterly flow. the ‘streamers’ are tiny and not beefing up. snooze time.
  2. dominos delivery is beyond good. I can order a pizza and have it on the door step in 20 minutes. I dont know how its done.
  3. much fewer showers out in the north sea too Hopefully these pick back up later.
  4. lol, this sums up my luck so far in this cold period. wind turns in a more favourable direction, heavy snow still to north and south ! i have been a right moany old bag, but we've only seen 2 inches in total here.
  5. they are still coming from a slight southerly direction - i think newcastle will get it too.
  6. I literally have my phone tapped to my window recording hoping to catch the lightning. only one strike so far.
  7. Finally, a snow shower! A proper one! Happy izi.
  8. Sky has gone very dark in newcastle. Please let us finally have a decent shower!
  9. This is looking a bit better for Newcastle i feel.
  10. South Gosforth. Seem to have missed most of the sustained snow. Showers of 5 minutes or less only. There is about 2 inches on the ground at most, including the previous snow. But to the north/south/west of us there are 5-6 inches widely. Just been in a narrow band of unluckyness!
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