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  1. https://www.google.com/sky/#latitude=22.61407353592708&longitude=-94.41178321838379&zoom=13&Spitzer=0.00&ChandraXO=0.00&Galex=0.00&IRAS=0.00&WMAP=0.00&Cassini=0.00&slide=1&mI=-1&oI=-1

    anyone who was up to date with planets and space will have heard of Nibiru or planet X, last year google made the discovery of Nibiru, so, the story goes as follows, a long while ago, when the earth was non-existent, there was a rather large planet between Mars and Jupiter, Nibiru or planet X came flying by and ripped it into two pieces, one half disintegrated and formed the asteroid belt and the other became our home. Everyone has been saying online recently that volcanic activity, floods, earthquakes & megaquakes are due to planet X. I don't personally believe in this but it seems pretty legitimate, the picture on the link is legitimate also. Whether it is the actual planet is unknown. #August2016DoomsdayEvent (the billionth one this year!) @lassie23 it says you like doomsday scenarios, lemme know if this takes your fancy??? 

  2. new camera! 4K resolution!

  3. i doubt ill get anything, if anyone can prove me wrong, you instantly make my day!
  4. you say your going to be missed out, i haven't had a storm in 6 months
  5. italy storm will be visible soon on the ISS live camera! http://www.n2yo.com/space-station/
  6. 6 months and no thunderstorm, what did I do to you WEATHER GODS

    1. lassie23


      Last chance saloon today

    2. LimoPreacherman
    3. lassie23


      Thunderstorm wise, weather is going to get cool and rainy

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  7. should i be concerned that it feels colder than it should or is it of no worry at all. I just went outside, feels like a cold early morning
  8. International space station coming round now, take a look at the storms http://www.n2yo.com/space-station/
  9. i may come on later, if there is anything and start spewing nonsense, if so, tell me to stop
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