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  1. Had heavy snow all night from about 6pm. Snow had gone apart from on grass before this eve. Best of the cold spell. Prob had 3 inches this eve! Still snowing hard
  2. Hi everyone Been lurking on this site for probably around 12 years. Used to lurk on TWO. Never post but just wanted to share some pics from Folkestone Warren this evening looking out along the white cliffs of Dover. Beautiful scenes. Very strange cloud formations from Folkestone to Lympne. A few grains of snow this eve mixed in with some sleet. Really was hoping for more from this latest cold spell but hey you win some you lose some 😀. Let’s hope this potential upcoming SSW can deliver in the right location. It’s certainly beginning to show some trends that look quite exciting for us
  3. Good post, i think the mods are a bit twichy tonight. foz

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