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  1. some power on yhe south coast tonight! reminds me of last year's storms in these parts June 12th I think. never in my life had I experienced storms like it in UK. enjoy guys
  2. maybe he can see the charts but doesn't really understand enough to break them down, so enjoys the commentating and breaking down of the charts by others here in forum?
  3. was dry and nippy/fresh, nothing to really remember, trouble is this forum turns into the express as soon as the wind direction has a touch of E in it. 2 for snow 4 for cold, overall a good winter tho
  4. only gets ramped up because the members in the SE think it's "the day after tomorrow" everytime an east wind blows...I swear I saw Dennis quaid in SE thread last week warning the globe of an imminent global freeze
  5. meir heath is highest point in city and only a couple of mile from you. stand on the top of the common and look all the way to the Welsh hills west and all the way down the trent valley east. grew up their and apart from leek & buxton nothing comes close especially in marginal events
  6. when it comes over the peaks you get a shadow effect. shows precipitation and it isn't actually doing anything. bit like a couple of weeks ago showed bright on the radar for persistent heavy snow and it was light/moderate at best. same colour echoes to the east of the peaks and heavy snow. we had 2 inches here yet the other side of the hill in alton they had 6inches..just the way it is up here mate NW is best or a failed breakdown and we are the northern most point before the front gets pushed back.
  7. new fax chart posted in the NWest thread for later has 3 distinct areas showing on the east coast not sure if they will get anywhere near the region but more life on the fax chart than earlier
  8. steady fluffy snow all morning light dusting at best...another "easterly day after tomorrow event". thankfully I think we will survive! nice to look at but bit of a yawn fest as expected...give me a Cheshire gap streamer anytime
  9. don't think we will hit to be honest. but I think it highlights if you do get in a line of a streamer then it will be pretty special
  10. flakes been in the wind here in st3 all day. should have enough to make a snowball by end of the month...assuming it doesn't melt
  11. popped into SE thread to see pics and buzzing posts about snow and.......moaning and arguing over bust forecasts oh well at least the special bus is in the regional thread today as opposed to completely ruining the mod thread god they 're never happy
  12. sleety here in stoke sploges on the windscreen mixed in. if it was heavier it would probably turn.
  13. meir heath is a different world compared to the rest of stoke on trent. grew up there and being 250+m up is insane driving home rain Hanley rain longton sleet meir and white out conditions meir heath used to love it as a kid not being able to get to school and the school in stone not believing we were snowed in only 5 miles away
  14. just been in the SE/MOD thread I see the Mods are still blind to the absolute lemon that is posted in it. endless imby crap it laughable. it could be the coldest winter ever recorded north of London and it would be classed as rubbish because it didn't happen in the weeble of the UK. this site has really gone to lemon this year in the main threads. used to be do informative now its like the chimp enclosure at the zoo. shame
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