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  1. genuine question for the big guns in here. at the moment the top of the strat is spinning at record pace and is not coupled with the bottom of the strat. its forcast to slow significantly over the next couple of weeks. everyone is predicting this may lead to a SSW but couldnt it just make it easier for the trop/strat coupling to take place and that would be that??
  2. just find continuous wet and dull so depressing and unhealthy. what i dont understand is the obsession with long range models when they are so poor. irony is they continuously lead to disappointment for folk?? not hot / cold enough, no snow/storms can they be so poor or is it purely our over eager interpretations as weather fans
  3. so apparently continuous wind a rain leading to property damage and floods is a "beautiful thing" for the winter months! thank goodness these models are as much use as sandpaper is for toilet roll!!
  4. not gonna lie matt i will be pleased to sleep tonight without sweating like fred west watching ground force!
  5. that cell to the left is full of life ypu should get a good show in an hr if the hills dont suck the life out of it
  6. lively cell slipped past here ST3 looks like uttoxeter way got a direct hit lots of lightning and long rumbles
  7. the cell between st3 and uttoxeter is alive!!! multiple lightning clear visible crawler and bolts and very noisy lol
  8. it was just all around neighbours must think i am nuts in the street spinning round looking in all directions?
  9. what a light show in stoke on trent! just awsome its like being abroad lol
  10. stoke on trent has been alive with the best light show ive seen for years intermittent squally rain and thunder! makes a change to see some action
  11. nature and its awsome power here in ST3 dont know which way too look lol
  12. sounds to me like the pro's are hoping their prediction come true at some point rather than its actually going to materialise! cant garuntee mother nature thats what makes this such a good hobby
  13. not enough in them and no wind to drive them over leek/buxton. the peaks just suck the life out of them
  14. face it this winter has been POOR for the middle of the country up to the border. too much marginal crap. and the south will still be moaning in a months time about no winter!
  15. irony is in about two weeks the south and south east crewe will still be moaning that they never get snow. the way its hugging the southern counties its turned into a channel runner rather than a sliding low....winter 2019 storms on and on #yawn
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