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  1. Sunny and Mild here in Basingstoke - this time last year was total chaos as the usual three flakes of snow ground Basingstoke to a halt!
  2. Hopefully, I will get out before it does then - I work in Basingstoke but live nearer Andover (another snow spot). However, a snow day off work tomorrow would be very much appreciated. Basingstoke, at the moment, is sunny with a few wispy clouds and a heavy frost -3.
  3. -4 this morning on the way to work - backroad driving for me - 2 traffic incidents on icy stretches - looking forward to driving in the snow on the way home tomorrow.?️
  4. Dry drive to work this morning, no rain at home. E Basingstoke has had a shower and its still very overcast.
  5. Basinggrad is dull and damp - extremely calm with no wind. would like snow next week, as nearer to the downs where I live but won't hold me breath
  6. Well Basingstokes nice and sunny for a change but I can see clouds in the distance. (only work here, so maybe its snowing back home). Anyhows, here's hoping the snow this weekend will be North of the M3 (will make a change from North of the M4) cos that will do for me.
  7. Basingstoke was clear about an hour ago, but starting to cloud over now - little breeze has started so fingers crossed
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