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  1. This is what we expect for the first ten days of February... http://www.northmeteo.gr/analyseis-ektimiseis/expected-atmospheric-circulation-weather-europe-1-10-2-2018/
  2. Steeve88

    Weather news from Greece

    Ariadne was just unforgettable. Low temperatures, lot of snow. Just like in 90s! This is how I lived the days of snow in Thessaloniki: http://www.northmeteo.gr/blog/thessaloniki-walking-in-a-white-city/ It's been a great winter and it's still snowing.
  3. Steeve88

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    This for early February. I think there might be something colder in the middle of the month but we will see: http://www.northmeteo.gr/blog/estimated-circulation-in-europe-1-1022017/
  4. Steeve88

    Weather news from Greece

    As an update of this extreme cold outbreak in Greece, the largest part of Greece is facing snow and most importantly extreme low temperatures. In Thessaloniki the temperature reached during the midday -5.C. Now it is around -8.C and it feels like -14 (because of the wind, whose max gust during the day was ~80km/h). Not so much snow here. Only some tiny snowflakes at times. Some places on east coast of central Greece got significant amount of snow. We probably get temperature records of the last 15 years (at least): Some photos from Kimi in Evia: http://www.northmeteo.gr/blog/snow-in-kimi-of-evia-greece/ And a video of a short snowfall in Thessaloniki: http://www.northmeteo.gr/blog/xionoptosi-toumpa-thessalonikis/ Here is a table with all the weather station network in Greece. The warmest station is showing 6.7.C now in Crete: http://www.metar.org/upload/metar.php
  5. Steeve88

    Weather news from Greece

    Merry Christmas from Thessaloniki.. Temperature ~6.8.C, much "warmer" than previous days, when it fell to -9 (!!!) during the night in some suburbs. http://www.northmeteo.gr/kameres-kalamarias/ Waiting for wintry weather this week from Wednesday and then with snow even in Athens. Places such as Evia are likely to get more than 50cm of snow.
  6. Steeve88

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    This is what we believe for the rest of this month. Unfortunately, azores anticyclone seems to be fairly obsessive. Further explanation and description can be found on the link below: http://www.northmeteo.gr/analyseis-ektimiseis/average-circulation-for-the-rest-of-december/
  7. Steeve88

    Weather news from Greece

    You 're welcome..
  8. Steeve88

    Weather news from Greece

    Three time-lapse videos from Thessaloniki on 6th and 7th May. As this is the storm period for north Greece, you may love this kind of weak but beautiful convective activity over the mountains.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HA7SW4izEw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY1-Triq2Q8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY1-Triq2Q8
  9. Steeve88

    Storm Katie

    A nice hail-storm in Manchester earlier today!!! http://www.northmeteo.gr/blog/severe-snow-hail-storm-in-manchester-uk/
  10. Short snowfall in Manchester city centre a bit earlier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZivzZ_qB9g&feature=youtu.be
  11. A mini article with photos and videos of this nice day...Enjoy: http://www.northmeteo.gr/uncategorized/unexpected-snow-in-manchester-city-centre/
  12. Snow in Manchester a bit earlier.... The video was captured in University of Manchester area..
  13. Hi folks, as I promised this is an update for the weather that we should expect the next 48-72 hours. There is still a chance for snow at low levels early on Thurday (we'll keep an eye on it): http://www.northmeteo.gr/blog/uk-rapid-change-of-the-weather-1622016/
  14. We should keep in mind that warm fronts are quite tricky though..
  15. East regions have chance for snow during the weekend. However, the freezing level will not decrease lower than 400 meters. So, it may be wintry showers.\ On next Wednesday there is an organized warm front which will face very cold conditions over the Uk. You can see my article that I uploaded a bit earlier.