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  1. Wow 19C in March! Where in the UK was that? I honestly can't remember a warm March that year only the widespread snow in Dec 2010 which was still around into January 2011
  2. 30hpa temperature in the North Pole has warmed even more within the last 24 hours. They might have increase the scale at this rate!
  3. GFS 12z (FI) goes from a cold blast to a Spanish plume within just 72 hours!
  4. It breaks up the cold upper air too (for a time at least) so given light winds it should start to feel milder than recently especially in any sunshine
  5. Looking very good for the start of half term next weekend on the GFS 6z, dry with some sunshine and not too cold so if correct there'd be no worries about snow/ice for those going on holidays especially in southern UK. The second half of the week could turn more unsettled though with Atlantic lows moving through bringing wind & rain
  6. No it doesn't, for any "springlike" feel at this time of year you need sunshine & very light winds. This happened last week when despite it being 6C on the thermometer it felt very mild, that GEM run would bring a lot of cloud and therefore would feel quite chilly. I get that not everyone likes snow and of course with half term being just a week away many people will be hoping to get out and about and go on short breaks with their kids. Don't forget easterly winds can often bring drier air especially here in the west with cold but sunny days if the Atlantic fronts are kept away they'
  7. GFS 6z Turning much milder than average across Scandinavia by next weekend with slightly milder air across Ireland & northern UK but slightly colder air hanging on in the SE, elsewhere around average.
  8. Some decent snow for N England, Wales & SW England though before it fizzles out on those charts also another area of snow (some heavy) across Ireland & W Scotland
  9. Just to add, they can also underestimate the temps as well from the temperature being lower or the wind being stronger than forecasted. Dafydd is spot on though with the only way to accurately measure windchill for where you are. Same goes for humidex (temp & humidity) and also for the heat index in the summer some PWS take in consideration the current temp, humidity, solar strength & wind to give the accurate feel like temperatures (often abbreviated to THSW)
  10. Western coasts of the U.K. & Ireland look like getting the most precipitation next week but that will probably be a combination of rain, sleet, snow & hail. Tuesday night into Wednesday could be the best chance of seeing snow in the west, however it's possible to see a further mix of frequent heavy rain, sleet, snow or hail showers with a risk of thunder on Wednesday evening into Thursday across W Wales, N Devon & Cornwall as a "Pembrokeshire Dangler" develops so plenty of potential in what's been a snow starved west for the last several winters
  11. GFS 12z brings a brief spell of milder air next Thursday quickly followed by much colder air again. However it still looks like the milder air will then return by next weekend again with the coldest weather restricted to mainland Europe.
  12. Still some disagreement between GFS, ECM & UKMO perhaps? Many people (including myself) have noticed this temperature difference from various parts of the U.K. & Ireland. UKMO continues to be "less cold" than the others
  13. Perhaps UKMO is showing less cold upper air at that time? Anyway Tuesday is a long way off in terms of weather forecasting and a lot can and probably will change by then. We might end up somewhere in between UKMO & that GFS 6z by the time Tuesday comes.
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