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  1. Yeah I get that it's to do with impact on their risk matrix. Just find it a bit odd, as if there's an overlap which could cause problems at some point in the future.
  2. How is that the job of the met office to warn rather than the environment agency?
  3. Cool. Glad that didn't hit here. That said, car is having some work done so I've got a car from the dealer.. that'd have been lucky for me ?. Always fancied a US storm chase. Have an audio recording, not the best quality but you get the gist. This was a while after it started and as it was moving away. My Recording #1.mp4
  4. Couldn't keep up with it ? Road conditions were a little dicey but not too bad. Best I saw was a few flashes on the way. Maybe next time.. which probably won't be for a long time I suspect!
  5. As it's moving away there is the strangest sound I've ever known from a storm. Rubles are so constant it sounds like wind blowing nearby. There's a slight breeze but it's just incessant rumbles all merging into one. Been going on for five or ten mins now with no sign of abating although it is reducing in volume as it moves away.
  6. Almost constant thunder and pouring in DL5. Seen a few decent flashes too.
  7. Just updated my profile. I'm just outside Darlington which does appear to be in the firing line today although the met office still predict rain here and no storms. Thanks for the welcome. Been a long time since I've been around ?
  8. See some posts in here showing the BBC forecast for their areas. As we know, the BBC obtain their forecasting from Meteogroup now. Over the summer I've noticed that the met office has been more realistic about storms in my area. Most predicted by the BBC never happened. What's the general view around here about the two? BBC are strongly indicating storms tomorrow, Met Office say no.
  9. Yeah, I see where you're coming from. For me, a memorable winter will be that of a few years back when we seemed to have snow and ice on the ground for best part of three months, when there was a pile of ice in my street until mid April, when icicles grew 8 feet long from my house. Bit of wind and splash of rain just ain't all that "sexy"!
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