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  1. Wouldn't normally be back on here till November but wow, as seabreeze says, Redcar really has taken a small battering! Few centimetres laid which is incredible for April 11th!!
  2. AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH I'm back!!! Cannot keep away!! Here's hoping for just a teensy bit here in Redcar after following all your posts!
  3. Well gentlemen, as they say when the Titanic sunk, it's been a pleasure! Really kept me entertained since Saturday on this particular page. Much better than reading those southern t w a t s moan.
  4. Absolutely class thick flakes in Redcar, just skirting us this one as the sun is shining brightly as well
  5. Looks a cracker of a shower gonna hit Redcar in approx half an hour. Last one was good but gone to Boro now 😂
  6. Ironically went to seabreeze last night on my nightly walk. Thought I'd get a hot drink as it was ridiculous only to find out that the hot drinks machine was broken.... 🥺🥺😭😭
  7. It has gone extremely dark just to the east mind and again, very little wind so this could be a decent shower
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