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  1. Well, the radar has a few showers crossing over to us shortly and also later on..... Just need the air temperature to drop a bit and we may see at least some falling snow!
  2. Quiet on here considering what might be In just over a week's time for us in this part of the world!
  3. Thunder and fork lightning in Redcar!! No flipping snow though!!!
  4. Are we looking at a potential easterly at some point in the near future then?
  5. You'd think the south of England hadn't seen snow before the way they're going on ?
  6. Staring at my factor 10 earlier... If it's going to get warmer, please increase from, say, 11.30pm Saturday to 9am Sunday, completely melting the slush and starting again green and lush. Daffodils getting a push, buds on the Bush, putting away my snow brush, giving the toilet a flush and being able to use my factor 10
  7. Hi Guys! Avid watcher for years, and first post! Loving what's outside currently, and keep posting! Let's show those southerners we mean business!!
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