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  1. Yeah going from the models in general since last week a change for the worse definitely happened. This August will probably be like June 2012 knowing our luck. Settled weather will be rare until September. The Met Office will probably get on board soon and accept that high pressure and warm weather won't return for god knows how long. Certainly not for the next 4 weeks. Summer is definitely over now Meanwhile Europe will continue to roast in 25 - 30 degrees we will get battered by endless rain, howling winds, below average temperatures and floods with no end in sight for at least a month if n
  2. 98-99 had a very short neutral period in the Spring (around a month) before the Nina came steamrolling in May of 98 and continued into 1999.
  3. The Daily Express are a joke, I can't believe people still believe the nonsense they churn out! (weatherwise and in general) As for the story on The Telegraph, I guess there could be potential on paper for one or a few 30 degree days in London and the South this summer but it's nothing new really that periods of warm/hot weather are followed by thunderstorms with flooding potential. And fits in with the general meteorological consensus of a La Nina flip in August which has been a write off summer month in recent years anyway.
  4. Good to see the Met Office still backing the prospect that more settled and warmer weather/hot spells could be developing as we enter June. Lets hope this comes off eventually
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