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  1. Would be interesting to see what the model verification stats are. Can somebody post them please?
  2. Might I suggest you try using windows 7 zoom keyboard shortcut. Hold the Windows key and tap '+' to zoom in and '-' to zoom out. Hold Windows key and tap 'Esc' to quit back to normal view. This is model related as I'm sure this will help those with eyesight worse than 20/20 to get a better view of the various charts available and hence more accurate posts
  3. Hi all, Loving the summer however I generally get involved when there's snow around :-) I'm just posting now while its relatively quiet. I've just checked the archives for 26th September 1996 as that was my 21st birthday and I remember coming back from Spain to Blue skies and decent temperatures. Can anyone tell me what the temperature on the ground would've been on that day? Just curious as it was so late in the year, reminded of it because of where we are now.
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