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  1. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    I love snow, but love it even more on days I'm not working! I have to drive for my job and home visits need to be made.... but I'm rubbish at driving in snow/ice . Half of me wants a big heap of snow but other half is wetting myself LOL.
  2. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Was just wondering if the Met Office will upgrade the warnings today...
  3. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    I too was just thinking the exact same. Rather exciting model watching right now, hoping 2nd half of January will be a bit special. Even if I can't drive in snow 😱 Perhaps we could send a wee bottle of Black Bush (we need a emoji for that) to the model thread to help them in their wake? They are mourning the baby that never was ☹️
  4. Guys I read this everyday and still learning. Would appreciate if you'd expand on abbreviations please. Mods don't delete me just yet.... my late grandmother had a sister in Boston MA, we we always told we'd get her weather in Northern Ireland within a fortnight. Right enough, in my childhood memory it seemed to be right. Is there any truth in this? Do the models back this up in any way? Do the models giving cold in NE USA also affect us or is this this a childhood memory based on no fact? thanks in advance! Ali
  5. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    I fell on black ice yesterday and have wrecked my coccyx, incredibly sore. So now I'm off work with no excuse not to be watching every latest edition of the weather models. My lamppost is also broken and despite reporting it weeks ago nothing has been done to fix it.
  6. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Just been out walking the dogs, the snow is just amazing, it's frozen and has that very satisfying crispy crunch sound when you step on it. Made great snowballs. Considering My lack of altitude living close to the City Airport I am very pleased to have had a drop of the white stuff.
  7. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    2c now and big fat wet snow flakes in East Belfast.
  8. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Hey guys, I'm a winter lurker. I spend hours on here over the winter months reading posts, but have nothing new to add so never/rarely post. Sincerely hoping for a wee bit of the magical white stuff this coming weekend in East Belfast. It's my birthday too so would be a perfect present. I'm not going to get too stressed about snow charts predictions for here. Experience tells me that they are somewhat inaccurate especially for N/NW flow As they say let's get the cold in place and pray for some serious precipitation 😊 Good luck! Ali
  9. Glad to hear some happy snow reports. It tried to snow quite hard in Belfast last night but just didn't lie. Awh well, someday I will stand on snow again in my wee garden instead of just admiring it on the hills surrounding Belfast.
  10. Sadly not a flake of lying snow in east Belfast. Plenty of snow overnight but didn't stick.
  11. A friend of mine is in Tenerife and it's snowing! He would have had better weather back here.... Isn't that saying something. Was speaking with a Polish gent today and he was telling me how much their winters and summers have changed in recent years too. Im still keeping the faith that winter will arrive.... The dice will eventually go our way.
  12. Well... Told you my long shift would bring snow, but just not for me, I at least had no worries about driving today. Tiny skiff at 6am here in Belfast which isn't bad considering I'm not far from city airport and being too close to sea level. Lots of short but heavy snow showers which were fabulous to watch but didn't last long enough for snow to really settle. Thanks for all the snow pictures... Planning my next house move based on these pictures, the more snow the more likely I could end up you neighbour..... I totally need to get out of Belfast! Snowydog I lived in Doagh for a few years and snow was brilliant. so storm Henry, how bad will it be?
  13. Brill! Imagine doing that for your Newtweather chums. Gathering at yours in April then?
  14. Bound to snow in Bangor, I'm doing a 14 hr shift in a certain medical institution in Dundonald.... It'll snow because I'm a woman who can't drive in snow (lacks experience but willing to learn might be a better phrase). My shift pattern is better than any weather model when it come to snow apparently..... Good luck Bangor, I will be rooting for you!
  15. Weegaz, don't worry I'm a midwife. You organise the snow and I will organise the homebirth. What could be more awesome that a lovely wee homebirth In front of an open fire during a blizzard. Mates rates apply of course lol! All the best!