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  1. Radar looking interesting. Hoping that blob reaches East Belfast and then sits there for hours.
  2. I can't see which one is latest. Both are equally good depending where you live!!!
  3. No lying snow for me either, just a few flurries. These weather models are just all talk and no show! Still time though....
  4. It's not over yet Negative Nelly! Anything could happen. I can remember the forecast for 21st of March 2013 being mediocre and look what happened on the day here on the East coast......
  5. Cut and paste from Metalert Ireland in Facebook just now. Hope they are right ? SEVERE WEATHER WARNING TIMELINE: MON 26TH FEB TO SAT 3RD MARCH + AREA: NATIONWIDE HIGH RiSK AREA: LEINSTER, EAST ULSTER, N TO E MUNSTER We continue to urge the public to call in on elderly/vulnerable neighbours and ensure they are aware of the severe cold and severe weather outlook over the course of the coming 7 or more days. Ensure fuel, food and medication stocks last a minimum of 7 days. We have upgraded our advisory from 70% risk to 100% risk of severe weather with severe disruption like
  6. Please share a picture, I'd love to see Vic Park like that. I've only ever seen a thin layer of ice there. I walk the dogs and run there regularly.
  7. I am wondering how warnings work for NHS and other vital Workers. I work for NHS in community and do on call day and night. In March 13 a lot of my colleagues struggled to reach their patients for days, some of our work is life critical. Whilst I'm aware no one wants to call it too soon, and even if it doesn't happen, it would be good to be on standby. A very worthwhile exercise is to discuss what to do if roads are unpassible, which I did with my team members today who all said 'but the Belfast Telegraph said....!' if current model output continue I'd like to see something like the curre
  8. Snowydog my good friend lives not a million miles from you. One bad spell her car was trapped in her cul de sac for over a week. The cul de sac is down in a dip and other people had abandoned their cars as they too couldn't get out. I'd personally plan ahead and buy a few wee extras in like tinned goods that won't go to waste, some UHT milk and extra bread for the freezer and wine!!! At least that's one thing that you wouldn't have to worry about if we did get a good dumping.... you can just sit back and lamppost watch instead!
  9. Can someone please summarise chart outputs today. It was my mothers birthday and I had her and her fellow widow chum out for day to Newcastle, exhausted! Who would have thought a day trip with 70-80 year old so exhausting! I have no energy left to read Model thread.....
  10. I'm always prepared (too much scout blood in me apparently)..... and I only live in Belmont! I am concerned about my recently widowed mum and elderly aunt who live separately in the country outside Lisburn. I think I might say something to them today to ensure they have enough coal, oil and food in.
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