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  1. Just seen on the TV DFW area is on a tornado watch until 2300 tonight and in the ENH risk area
  2. If anyone else is staying at the Best Western in irving Im in room 203
  3. Just checked into the best western! According to the weather channel app theres a tornado watch here until 10pm and storms forecast for this evening!
  4. Not what we want to see
  5. Might get some good views from the windows though! I'm landing Thursday - hoping for no weather delays as I'm on a domestic flight from Newark
  6. Exactly my thoughts - I really want to burn to death over the Atlantic! Or if I get lucky my expensive electronics smashed or stolen!
  7. May be one to keep an eye on guys
  8. Can't wait to be out there now! Think I have everything I need now. Will be at the Best Western from the 18th so anyone that fancies meeting up before the tour give me a shout!
  9. I'm all booked for tour 2 as well. Will be arriving at DFW on the 18th so I have a day or so to see the area (staying at the best western that has been suggested). Can't wait to go now!
  10. Hi everyone! Have been lurking and reading the forum for a little while now and have decided its about time to actually post! I have been interested in the weather since watching Twister when I was a kid. I have always had something in the back of my mind about wanting to go storm chasing, and after we had a spectacular shelf cloud come over a couple of years ago I went and looked into going chasing. I've decided that I'm going to plan a holiday to go chasing next year in the US, having looked around and read up (quite a lot) I think the Netweather/Weather Holidays are the way to go
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