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  1. It was nice to have snow down here but you've got to feel a bit sorry for the Midlands as in the days leading up to the event all the models were showing the front going up to their region. But it wasn't to be and was cruelly snatched away from them just hours beforehand. Whilst we were seeing upgrades they were seeing downgrades. Here's hoping we get another snow event before winter's out and the next one is a nationwide event.
  2. Snow settling in Gosport. According to the UKMO the secondary feature out in the channel appears to stall over the Solent area.
  3. So true Bazray. It's nice that the SW and CSE region got the goods instead of the other regions this time.
  4. I'm wondering if that gap between the main front and the secondary feature will allow enough time for temps to drop off a bit. UKMO forecast a 1C drop from 2C between 2100 and 2200 but were currently at 1C so another 1C drop would be more than welcome.
  5. The UKMO have us down for heavy snow at 2200 tonight in Gosport. At the moment it's small snow flakes temp 0.9C decreasing -0.4 /hr. DP -0.2C. Snow is settling on garden furniture but not on the ground. Grass Temp: 0.6C. There's an interesting feature of the north of Normandy and I am wondering if that's what the UKMO think is going to be heavy snow at 2200.
  6. Temp 1.4C falling at rate of -1.4C /hr DP 0.1C decreased by -0.6C in last hour. Looking at the UKMO forecast map and netweather radar the heavy ppn is due around 2000 in Gosport and Portsmouth.
  7. Think the UKMO got it slightly wrong. Temp now 1.9C not 4.0C. Falling by -1.7C /hr. DP 0.3C Hopefully they give us an upgrade soon. If you compare the 17:50 netweather radar to the latest image it's clear the rain isn't making in roads as much as it was at first.
  8. Sleet here in the south of Gosport. More snow than rain though. Snow melting on impact. Large flakes of Snow. Temp 2.4C down -0.9 on last 30mins and down -1.6c on last hour. DP 0.5C decreased by -0.7 in last hour. So we're heading in the right direction. Snow not due until later according to UKMO.
  9. The Met Office have Gosport down for a few hours of rain before heavy snow at 10pm. Temp currently 3.3C decreasing -1.2C/hr DP 0.9C. So hopefully the temp drops low enough before the front has passed through.
  10. The Temp here is currently 4.5C dereasing by -0.4C /hr DP 1.6C. Temps are what UKMO have forecasted for this time of the day. It looks like it's due to cool down once the rain arrives.
  11. The Met Office have Gosport down for heavy snow at 2200 and 2300 which seems to tie in with what the EURO4 model shows.
  12. Gosport has been upgraded back to heavy snow. Come on Met Office stop teasing me. I know you said it's knife edge stuff but this feels more like cut throat razor stuff to me.
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