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four seasons in one day

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  1. Soaps usually do have OTT storylines but then I just tuned into depressenders? Anger,hatred,scary looking faces,violence and hardly ever a happy ending.Shock TV? Laugh a minute?  No thanks.

    1. four seasons in one day

      four seasons in one day

      Bit less blood and gore in Cora for now,for how long?  Mind you someone did just break a mug? Mind numbing TV seems to be order of the day nowadays.

    2. four seasons in one day

      four seasons in one day

      Glorifying gambling now?  Thankfully now I've confirmed what I haven't missed for some time.Used to be semi ok,light entertainment,now cringe worthy viewing.Fight a minute crud.

    3. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      Who's your favourite Eastenders' character?

      Mine's Phil. 

  2. Bouncers required for mod chat previous applicants need not apply. :)

    1. lassie23


      How can you fall out over the weather:cc_confused::unknw:

    2. Mokidugway


      Have you been on nw before pizza person ??

    3. four seasons in one day

      four seasons in one day

      Quite like the one liners telling others to stop the one liners  :rofl:

      Mind you it does help by reading the thread title ?     Still it is only the weather after all. Some rules do help. 

  3. Our annual toy appeal has thankfully been quite successful, much thanks to some in mod chat Yes it is only the weather.
  4. Risk of some post frontal thundery showers tonight into tomorrow.Should dry up thankfully later tomorrow.

  5. One flake would do even if it melts. Just one? Winter can't be over yet surely. Unless I believe some posters that are full of...doom and gloom.
  6. Couldn't be bothered to be ripped off by a takeout or food delivery so had two pot noodles instead.Chicken and mushroom.Try it and see lol.

  7. Awaiting the first mention of blizzards by fergie. May take some time yet. 2000+ likes guaranteed lol.
  8. Definitely feels like a Sunday.Or is it more like a Friday?  I dunno.

  9. Xmas and Easter are to be merged into Eastmas. They will both commence around September time and last well until April. Chocolate eggs piled up next to many other festive goodies should get the tills ringing and a likelihood of even more sales to help clear stock only to be replaced by yet more pap. One retail spokesperson suggested "Should save us a lot of hassle. We all know that as soon as crimbo ends we're already eyeing up the eggs." "Anything to get more suckers through our doors for longer suits us mighty fine." On the other hand a major greeting cards supplier wasn't convinced as confusion would be rife as to send either a crimbo or Easter card? To which the retail spokesperson who shall remain unnamed replied "Are you mad? Eastmas cards you nit wit is hardly rocket science is it.." At this point our interview was terminated due to unforeseen profanities and an angry mob who'd just been let through the store doors looking for a bargain, honest.
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