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  1. In fairness 38.5 degrees' seem to give a pretty fair assessment of the GFS post the weekend. My interpretation was much the same - cold, wet and windy. Let's hope the ECM is right
  2. what with all the ramping going on the model thread, its nice to come here and see some realism.
  3. what is the scientific evidence for this statement?
  4. i'm on an exposed position on Solway coast (Maryport) - windy but nothing unusual yet. Perhaps strongest winds will be further south.
  5. i've run that through google translate and it still isn't making sense
  6. Isn't Newfoundland an unusual neck of the woods for a high, such as modelled in the later stages of the GFS 18z?
  7. Model stand-off is a nailbiter. 18z will be very interesting
  8. I'm surprised nobody has commented on the high rainfall totals for the NW being modelled on the 12Z GFS. We could be seeing flood warning in force for Cumbria and SW Scotland by the end of next weekend.
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